Finally a foxbody in a decent video game!

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  1. Yeah. i was the same way. I was a HUGE Counterstrike player in my college years (99-03) and then played CS:source afterwards. I bought MW1 for PC and loved it, but then got myself a PS3 and moved over to console. I bought COD:WAW and it SUCKED making the adjustment to using the sticks to move and aim. Ir was MUCH harder.

    But after a while you get used to it. Now, i can pull up the sniper rifle and draw a bead on someone and shoot without hesitation on the PS3.

    SO i'm good to go for MW2. I regret not spending the $150 or so on the nigh vision google version though. :( I preordered the basic version before I found out they were giving away NV googles! I wonder how they work. They probably suck balls
  2. No it doesn't come with clutch and stick, I wish it did. There are Logitech ones that do, but I think they are only supported for PC and the PS3. There is one setup that is supported for xbox360 but I think its 350$ + for the whole thing. No way I would ever spend that much. The Microsoft one does have paddle shifters if that makes any difference to you.

    Edit: Here is the website of the company that makes some really expensive racing wheels for the 360:
  3. Check out turn 10s website they have a link to a company that sells a whole set-up. It's a racing seat, with pedals mounted on the floor, 3 tvs that display like they're the windows in te cars, and a racing wheel, it's like 3k but it's cool as hell
  4. Well I have something to show you to. Buddy of mine know somebody that got a burned copy of MW2. They where playing it at a party saturday night.


    VID00053.flv video by stacey_075 - Photobucket
  5. FORZA 3 is bada$$ i got the 93 cobra with the cammer engine and t.t. 880 hp maxed out sound wicked as hell :D !cid__1029092341-00.jpg
  6. as siick as forza looks, i dont think i would buy a xbox for just that game. ill wait till gt5 comes out an have a better list of cars an better graphics. unless theres was to good of a deal on a normal xbox of course.
  7. Here's some of my pics

    93 R


    Competition Orange SVT Focus


    8 lane stock car drag race!!!!


    Twing Ring Motegi


  8. maybe im not far enough along in the game but where the hell do you do stock car racing and the 8 lane drag?
  9. Multiplayer. One great thing about the game is the mods you can do, much better than Gran Turismo. I like how when you bore and stroke you engine you can see your new displacement of the engine.
  10. I'm only about %5 along in the career, but you can buy the stock cars. And the 8 lane drag is probably just how they ended up on a track, not an actual drag race. But I could be wrong.

    I like Forza 3 and all the Forza's because of the ability to mod your cars. It's not like most games where you can add tires, wheels, and nitrous and that's it. You can change power adders, cams, valves, displacement, stereo and a/c deletes, etc. Then once you find your set-up you can tune it all and it actually makes a difference.

    Plus with storefronts you can sell your cars, setups, and graphics, or buy from someone already set-up and done using the money you earn in the game. OR, my favorite new part is you can buy cars with actual money (Microsoft points) if you can't afford it in the game yet you can still buy it, great for online playing to have a car that can actually stand a chance. But, I only like that I can, I already paid for the game, I'm not going to pay for the cars.
  11. The benchmark High Speed Ring has the 8 lane strip, it was the free downloadable content that came with the game.
  12. Really? You can bet I'll be given that a try. Already downloaded the addon.
  13. What's in the add-on? My xbox live expired and I don't want to buy more if there isn't any decent content
  14. The add-on that everyone is talking about I think is the one with the legend car pack and the proving grounds, and benchmark tracks. It comes with the game, you just have to have an account that is at least a silver membership for xbox live which I think is free. Just enter in the code in the redeem coupon area.
  15. gamertags anyone?
    looking to get a 93 COBRA MEET/RACE GOIN

  16. GIGGITY.
  17. I was wondering if anyone was into Forza here!!

    Ghost Stahlker is my gamer tag. I dont get much time to play anymore but hit me up, I'll play. I have a buddy that will too.
  18. ive started playing it a lot again when ive got some down time. built some nasty cars

    4 foxes so far :D