Finished My Exhaust Install Last Night Finally.

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  1. Finished up my exhaust install last night and fired the car for the first time since last October. Went from Hooker shorties/H-pipe/Flowmasters to BBK LT's/H-pipe/Pypes CB with M80's. Wow, what a difference, picked up power, car doesn't drone anymore, idle is nice a deep like I wanted, and it isn't oppressively loud like I was afraid it might be

  2. Nice. How much did the pypes setup run u?
  3. Got it from American Muscle for $390.
  4. I plan to make one this weekend. Needs to be a cold start to be comparable to my old exhaust. How about a pic to hold ya over?

  5. Need a vid! I envy you having both a fox and coyote.
  6. beautiful. i envy you as well. :hail:
  7. Got a short recording of it today.

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  8. whats the story on the blue dart/scamp?? :)
  9. Sounds really good
  10. That's my old 70 Dart. It was my first car. Has a 360/727/8 3/4 in it. The 360 is fairly stock and only makes about 250hp. After driving my GT/LX/WRX around all the time I'm going to have to ditch the auto/360 in favor of a stick and more hp.

  11. nice.. have a couple darts myself..

    actually pulled my yellow 71 one apart and am going to put the drive line into our 70.


  12. I recognize the 71 from FABO. We've talked before over there.
  13. Sounds good!!
  14. Sounds good. I also have m80s on my stang and love the way they sound. My exhaust setup is hooker shorties, 2.5 downpies with 2.5 o/r H pipe, 2.5 dynomax flow tubes, m80s and 3 inch flowmaster tailpipes. In the future I might switch to long tubes but I got the car with the hookers and I like the way it sounds. Mine is pretty mild at idle but you can def hear it when you open the car up.
  15. @LarsD Does he even frequent here anymore?