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Discussion in 'StangNet Site News' started by MRaburn, Oct 11, 2005.

  1. Quick reply test
  2. Nooice :nice:

    BTW, How many Raburns are there? :scratch:
  3. A mess of them... ;)

    Just DRaburn and MRaburn. KRaburn is a test account. D is my cousin.
  4. none of the editing tools in the reply boxes or create new thread boxes work. All the images are there, but they dont do anything. Same with the smilies.. i can see em, but when i click on em.. they dont do anything. I am using the latest v. of Mozilla

  5. Is it just me, or is anyone else having problems with the quick reply? It used to be instant for me and now I get a blank loading page that just keeps loading. I'm using the latest version of Firefox.
  6. I think there is a bug with AJAX on Firefox, hopefully the developers will have a fix soon.
  7. It was working perfect yesterday. Hopefully it will go away or there will be a fix. :D
  8. Same problem here on IE.

    Also, I can often only load 2 threads before the browser locks up and I have to log off the ISP and come back. Then two more threads and repeat. But occasionally (late at night - no volume on here) it works fine.
  9. I do believe there is a issue with the new VB and AJAX. Hope tthey have a fix soon. It does not happen alot to many, but it does happen, there is a disconnect happening at some point.
  10. New Darkplanet is great, Mike...really like it. Could be nice if we could make the fonts a little bigger that possible? Same size font as Dial, just on darkplanet?

  11. I use mozilla and this happens to me as well...
  12. Enlarged the font.
  13. same here

  14. me 2...
  15. Thanks Mike :nice:
  16. :SNSign:
  17. I will be looking to upgrade and fix those items as code is updated.

  18. I can't get my skin preferences to stay once selected. They do look good, though.
  19. Are you clearing cookies from your browser's cache? The site stores settings in cookies and when they are gone, so are your preferences. Just a thought. :)
  20. What 4u2nv suggested does effect it like he says but if you clear your cookies often like I do you can set it with in your "User CP". Go there and click on "Edit Options", then scroll down to "Miscellaneous Options" and under "Forum Skin" you can set your preferred skin.