Getting ready to start stroker project

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by Streetracer22, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. Hi there I m new to, and Im also a noob to the whole forums things as well. I own a 1989 Mustang GT with a 302 H.O motor in it that is currently in millions of different pieces due to the fact that Im turning it into a 347 stroker. if anybody has any suggestions or info that I need to be aware of I would appreicate the help.
  2. Welcome to to the forums, streetracer. I'm sure the guys in the 5.0 forum could help ya. :nice:
  3. i dont know how to post threads in the 5.0 forums, explain please
  4. 5.0 Tech/ Click me. Posting messages there should be the same as posting them here. Just click on "New Thread" and you should be on your way :) Hope this helps, and Best of luck with the project.