GM guy here, thinking of a '05, I don't know though, knowing of ford quality....

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  1. Just because I'm mostly a GM guy, doesn't mean I'm completely in the dark about Ford's sheesh :nonono: . Yes I'd like to get a Mustang, I've even considered getting an old Fox body a while ago. Also I only posted what he told me about what happened. I'm also not trying to spout off about anything, only my views about our past Fords. We have to admit, Ford, GM, Chrysler, they all build ***** . No matter how much you have love for a particular company, they all have their problems, GM is the best for building better vehicles, while Ford is 2nd, while Chrysler ranks 3rd for their real low quality stuff. Back in the 80's and to Late 90's Chryslers, were built to last 36,000 miles, right past the warranty, when a lot of their parts would begin to break. Ford was around 60,000 miles, GM was 75,000. When Daimler bought Chrysler it was all redesigned for 100K, Ford now I believe is around maybe 100k, and GM is around 120k. Even though Ford did have a lot of problems due to the French president. I think Bill is reshaping the company now, I hope. The new GM president is doing changes also, and making GM cars better, while Chryslers president resigned :owned: . Take a look at the new Pontiac Solstice, my 2nd choice if I don't get a mustang, new chevy nomad, and the new saturn (unsure of the name), all based on the new Kappa frame, which was based off the saturns, while the saturns were all based off the old Fieros (Space frames, and plastic body panels). Very beautiful cars.
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    'gm is best for building better vehicles'

    based on what? I'd say hell no gm isn't nor is ford. Id venture to say either mercedes or lexus have the lowest quality control issues and highest quality vehicles on the market based on many aspects. Your post is just a bunch of opinion garbage. Dont bother buying a mustang.

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  4. Any official numbers for those mileage estimates? I seriously doubt that any major company would do such a thing. I know i'm just one guy with one car, but NOTHING has broken on my '93 from "shoddy Ford business practices" that you are claiming. Everything has worn out from neglect or old age (brake pads, tires, timing belt, radiator hose). The interior is cheap though. THAT is falling apart from crappy build quality.
  5. I don't know about some of you people, but I know a few people who own Fords that saved themselves thousands of dollars for things like transmissions, computer modules, heads, engine components, ect. just by having the Ford extended warranty. If anything major or even if anything minor breaks down on my 2001 GT, it will be covered 100%. There are hundreds of components that are covered. I beleive in the extended warranty because I see what people who do not have an extended warranty are paying for major and minor repairs for their vehicles. How many people in here who never had an extended PREMIUM (top of the line) warranty had to pay thousands of dollars for repairing their cars? Don't tell me that there aren't because I see posts all over the place in here of Mustang owners who are having or who had major problems with transmissions, heads, engines, rear ends, computer modules, ect. on their cars. Some of these owners still had their factory warranty to cover them 100%. But what about the ones who's factory warranty ran out? Huh? What do you have to say about that? Once your factory warranty runs out you are screwed if anything major goes wrong with your vehicle. And this also pertains to vehicles that have multiple problems which can cost thousands of dollars to repair. I don't know how you would want to spend thousands of dollars out of your own pocket for engines, heads, transmissions, computer modules, rear ends, suspension problems, electrical problems, ect. if your car breaks down multiple times after the factory warranty runs out. The top of the line extended warranty is good to have to save you money if you are the type of person who wants to keep their vehicle for a long time. It gives the owner a piece of mind. Only an idiot would not get one. Or someone who cannot afford to buy one.
  6. Yessir buddy! They definitely saw you coming! For what you paid for the best 7/100,000 warranty for a 2001 Mustang in 2004, you could afford to replace an engine, transmission, or a multitude of other things, IF AND WHEN SOMETHING BROKE! Otherwise you could have just saved the money and invested it in a new gun or two or three... We liberal, conspiring, communists thank you for your contribution! :rlaugh:

    Please don't try to BS anyone into thinking you got a great deal on a Ford Motor Company extended warranty, because you just plain didn't. It would cost $1350 for that same warranty for my new Mach 1, after original purchase... I'm sure your older car would cost close to that and it still only goes to an odometer reading of 100,000 miles, forget the expiration date in 2011. If you bought a third party warranty, you should have just spent the money at a strip club... But if you feel better, and sleep better, it is all worth it. Personally, I'd buy the gun(s).... No. I'd go to the strip club. :flag:
  7. GaPonyFarm,

    You are VERY WRONG. What you just said has NO bearing or truth to it. You sound as if all major repairs on the Mustang GT are really cheap. Well, they are not. And beleive me, Mustang GT's have more than one major repair when they start breaking down. And EACH repair can cost from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars. And once things start breaking down on these cars, the dollars spent on repairs can add up very fast. Just ask any Mustang GT owner who owns a lemon who's warranty has already expired.

    The good thing about the Ford Premium Care Extended Warranty which I purchased is that if I feel that I don't want to pay the $155.12 monthly premium, I could cancel it anytime I want to. Plus, if I decide to sell or trade-in my car within the next 17 months before I pay off my warranty, the extended warranty is transferrable to the next owner. So, if I want to I can shorten the term of the extended warranty and not have to pay the full extended warranty price if I ever wreck my car or if I ever decide to sell it or trade it in. I am getting billed monthly and paying monthy installments so I have the option to do the above if I want to.

    GaPonyFarm, you said that extended warranties are not worth the money. Well, I say to you and to your statement above, yeah, I could afford to replace an engine or transmission on my current 2001 GT with what it actually cost me to buy the extended warranty. BUT with a Mustang GT there is always a HUGE probability that just MORE than one thing can go wrong with my car within the next 4 1/2 years which will cost many hundreds and even many thousands of dollars MORE above what I paid for the warranty. Most current Mustang GT's have major mechanical and quality issues. If this is the case, then the extended warranty which I purchased can save me from paying big money for major repairs. I don't know if you know this, but I know that many Mustang GT owners have gone thru 2+ transmissions, bad pistons, bad heads, bad camshafts, valve problems, rear end problems, ABS problems, computer module problems, ect., ect.. Each time you go thru a transmission it costs close to or over $2,000. How about if you have problems with the heads and have to replace them? They cost between $1,200 to $1,800 to replace on the GT. And how about computer modules which can burn out or malfunction on the GT? The computer module parts alone cost hundreds of dollars. And how about other things which can go wrong with the GT like the heater core, A/C system or the ABS system? It costs over $750-$800 just to replace a heater core. So, now do you see where I am getting at here? The extended warranty may have cost me a big chunk of money right now, but it will eventually pay for itself in the longrun when many things that I just mentioned in here start breaking down on the GT. Your comment about the fact that I could of put a new engine or transmission on my GT with what the extended warranty cost me has no bearing when in actuality in the future MORE THAN ONE THING can and WILL break down and need repair on my GT. When this occurs, I will be ahead of the game because I will NOT have to pay for the major repairs which will cost thousands of dollars MORE above what I actually paid for the extended warranty. I hope that you can understand my point here.

    By the way, my 2001 GT only has 1,279 miles on it. So, I will have another 98,721 miles and/or 4 1/2 years left on my extended warranty. Whichever comes first. On the other hand, if my current 2 1/2 year old Mustang GT had higher miles on it, I would NEVER of considered spending the money to buy the extended warranty. I would risk having to live with surprise major repairs which could cost me thousands of dollars. If my Mustang GT were a Japanese-made vehicle, I may not have considered buying the extended warranty for it. But it isn't. It's a Ford and it's built here in the United States by people who don't give a $hit about quality materials and workmanship. Mustangs break down because of this reason. By having the extended warranty, I can insure myself 100% and not have to pay thousands of dollars for multiple major repairs because of the stupid idiots that work at Ford who designed and built my car without high quality major engine, transmission and electronic components and parts. If you understand this then you can understand why I went thru the trouble and expense to purchase an extended warranty for my 2001 Mustang GT.

    And by the way, WTF does the retarded comment that you just made above about you being a Liberal communist/socialist conspirator have anything to do with what we are talking about here? Are you being sarcastic?
  8. Yes! I just can't resist every time I see your tagline beneath your Avatar! :flag:

    So let me get this straight... You buy a car that you are virtually certain will have major component problems and then pay an additional $155 per month so you can sleep at night? No offense, but that's just insanity!

    If you know the Mustang is a breakdown waiting to happen, I just don't understand why you would buy one. You seem like an intelligent man, and your apparent conservative values should send up a big red flag about such a purchase.

    In any case, you have to drive a car to break it... With only 1279 miles on the car, how about you a me hopping in and taking a road trip together? Maybe we can head for an NRA convention? You can go inside for indoctrination and I can stay outside and pickett! Gotta have a sense of humor! :jester:
  9. #1 is Lexus. #2, by a meaningless 0.03, is Cadillac. Mercedes is WAY down the list. These are J.D. Power numbers. No real difference between Lexus and Cadillac (GM).
  10. So you are saying there aren't many exclusions, loopholes and disclaimers. I beg to disagree!!

    I bought an extended warranty on a new GM car. When I (finally) got the package and started reading the fine print it said "we cover so much that we will just list the things it doesn't cover, since the list will be shorter. It doesn't cover: intake, exhaust, attachments to the engine, transmission, driveshaft, rear diffrerential, brakes, interior, anything electrical, fuel systems, any soft trim, anything related to body, interior and chassis, glass, radio." It took me MONTHS to get GM to cancel this ridiculous parody of a "warranty".

    Save your money: extended warranties aren't worth the stamp it takes to mail your first payment.
  11. I don't know about you, but my Ford Premium Care Extended Warranty DOES COVER all engine components, drivetrain, electrical system, fuel systems, transmission, driveshaft, ABS brake systems, radio/CD/Casette players, ect., ect.. It covers everything EXCEPT all the general wear and tear items like rotors, brake pads, interior plastic parts, leather seats, exterior mouldings, glass, paint, exhaust/muffler, catalytic converter, ect..

    And actually, the paint is covered thru Ford's 5 Year/Unlimited Mileage factory paint and rust protection warranty.

    Whether or not I drive my GT is irrelevant. Things can go wrong with the GT whether it's driven or not. I purchased my Mustang GT because I LOVE how the car looks and also because of its performance, high horsepower and torque. I don't like any other cars that are currently out on the road except the Mustang. Period. Everything else out there are just plain rounded pieces of $hit. I don't like any models that are being currently made by BMW, Mercedes, Toyota, Nissan, GM, Dodge, Chrysler, ect., ect.. But I DO like the Ford Mustang. That's why I purchased one. I have nothing against the Mustang. I just want to have a peice of mind. I do not want to ever have to worry about major components breaking down on my Mustang and Ford not covering them. I would rather have the extended warranty than have to worry and deal with breakdowns and very expensive repair costs. :owned:
  12. HAHAHAHA your posts get funnier as they go along. JD is the worst auto rater period. They are always rating the magnum engines as top of the line...even when my ram was getting a measley 230 hp and through the transmissino putting out about 160 hp in a 5.2L pushrod engine. So much for jd powers and a****ias

  13. Thats the great thing about America... you can make money and spend it any way you like. We can also disagree vigorously without worrying about the secret police breaking down our doors! If you like getting screwed, I'm happy for you... I just hope you never actually need that warranty. Good Luck Ron! (... or whatever your real name is...) :flag:
  14. What makes you think that I'm getting screwed by purchasing the extended warranty? And what makes you think that I will not need to use the extended warranty? Do you really beleive that nothing will break down on my 2001 Mustang GT? I beleive that things will break and if I don't have the extended warranty, I will have to pay thousands of dollars out of my pocket for transmissions, computer modules, heads, ABS brake repairs, internal engine components, ect., ect.. THEN I will be screwed. How can you beleive that nothing will breakdown on a Mustang GT when this car has a bad reputation for having major mechanical problems which can cost thousands of dollars to repair? Where have you been son? Get real. The Mustang GT always had mechanical problems and it always will as long as Ford doesn't improve the build and material quality for this vehicle. Period.
  15. An extended warranty is only worth it if you dont modify your vehicle...if you do just forget'll want to replace stock components with aftermarket ones anyways and remember you still typically have a deductable of something like $500 for most major repairs.

  16. There is nothing as stupid as buying extended warranty before original 36/3 expires. It is free money for company.
  17. I bought the extended warranty a few months (5 - 6 months) before my factory warranty runs out. I would never buy an extended warranty until the first 2 1/2 to 2 3/4 years of ownership go by. The reason that I purchased the extended warranty at this particular time is because my Mustang GT will be paid off in August 2005. By me purchasing the extended warranty right now, the extended warranty premium will be fully paid off 2 months earlier (June 2005) before my car loan is paid off. I wanted to time the premium payments for the extended warranty to end a few months BEFORE I pay off the car. This way, I will have paid off the car loan and the extended warranty premium within the same time frame and I will owe no more money. Basically, after everything is paid off, I will have 3 more full years of full warranty coverage on my GT plus whatever the balance miles that are left under 100,000 miles and I will not owe any money for the car or for the extended warranty anymore. In other words, I will not have any car loan or any major repair costs for 3 years after my car loan and warranty premium are fully paid off. Anything that breaks down on my GT which is not a wear and tear item will be 100% fully covered under the extended warranty and I will not have to fork out thousands of dollars for major repairs. I will be ahead of the game here. I will have peice of mind and will not have to worry about anything if and when my GT breaks down. Then after my extended warranty runs out, I can keep the car and still drive it, or I can store it or I can sell it or trade it in for another Mustang GT or Cobra. These will be my otions after the extended warranty and 100,000 miles run out.

    My 2001 GT is completely stock. I do NOT plan to modify it anytime during the extended warranty period (I currently have 4 1/2 years more with my extended warranty). The ONLY thing which I want to do is to put on the MagnaPack Catback exhaust on my GT. I don't think that Ford will void the extended warranty if I put a MagnaPack Catback exhaust on my GT. Other than that, I want to keep it stock. I do not want to spend money modifying my vehicle during the extended warranty period. And my deductible is not $500. It's only $50.

    In many old posts here on Stangnet dating back from 1 to 2 years, I have witnessed other Mustang owners who purchased the extended warranty and they saved many thousands of dollars in repairs. Some of these people had their faulty transmissions replaced more than once. And some have had their faulty engines replaced. Others had their faulty heads and computer modules replaced. Had these same people not had the extended warranty, they would have had to pay lots of money out of their pockets for repairs. If the people in here who disagree about purchasing an extended warranty for the Mustang GT ever had to replace their transmissions, heads and engine in their cars, they would have to pay at least $5,000 to $7,000 OUT OF THEIR OWN POCKET for these types of major repairs. And these repairs do NOT include other things which can break down on the Mustang GT which they would have to pay for out of their pocket because they didn't have the extended warranty. So, what I am trying to say here is that the cost of all the repairs that the Mustang GT will need during the 100,000 mile period will exceed the price paid for the extended warranty. There is no way in hell that the Mustang will go without any major repairs during the first 100,000 miles. Many people in here have had thier trannies and engines replaced on these cars. It is better to be safe than sorry. I know that I wouldn't want to spend $5,000-$6,000 for a brand new engine or $2,500 for a brand new transmission for my GT. Or even $1,000-$2,000 for heads, fuel injectors, ABS sensors, or computer modules. When multiple things start breaking down on the GT, the cost of repairs can be astronomical. The extended warranty prevents the owner from spending many thousands of dollars in repair bills. It gives the owner a peice of mind. Why is this so hard for some people to understand in here?
  18. But why have faulty things in the car in the first place?

    2 trannys?

    New engines?

    This stuff SHOULDNT happen to begin with.
  19. Why do we have faulty things on the Mustang to begin with? I will answer your question of why. It's because the Ford Mustang GT has had a history of major problems occurring with their cars. The Mustang has had a bad reputation when it comes to build quality and mechanical quality. These vehicles are not Toyotas. They are not built as well as they should be like the other cars that are built in Japan. The idiots who design and build the Mustang don't do a very good job designing and building these cars. This is the reason why the Mustang GT has many major quality issues and many major mechanical issues. The current 2001-2004 GT's have been having MAJOR problems with their Tremec transmissions. Many have also been having problems with their heads, pistons and electronic computer modules. There are a number of other problems that the Mustang GT has which I cannot remember here. Please, don't take me the wrong way here. I am not trying to put down the Mustang. I wouldn't of owned one if I didn't love the Mustang so much and if I weren't a Mustang fanatic. But we have to face the truth about these cars here. They do have many major mechanical, electrical and computer issues. Especially when the miles start racking up on these cars after the first 25,000-30,000 miles. You never know what problems will pop up. But there will ALWAYS be problems during ownership which will cost the owner of this car thousands of dollars in repairs. Why not have some type of insurance against high repair costs thru the extended warranty if these things start breaking down? With my extended warranty, I could care less how many engines and transmissions I will go thru with my Mustang GT. I am not worried about my heads going or if my ABS brake system breaks down. I am not worried if every computer module in my car burns out. All I know is that I will be 100% covered and Ford will fix these problems on my car for free with only a $50 deductible. I will not be forking out thousands of dollars to fix these things that I just listed in here which will break on my GT. Ford will incur the bill. :owned: And that's the good thing about it. :D :nice:
  20. 92 fullsize Bronco,302- 220,000 miles, has never left me sitting, doesn't smoke, runs great, have never replaced one item on the motor and I wouldn't hesitate to take across the country. I finally do need to replace my first hard part though, the passenger exhaust manifold is cracked. Too bad, now I need to put headers on it. :D