Going to T&J Performance soon (upgrades)

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by DeadLurker, Dec 18, 2003.


Which pulley size would you go with?(considering I'm still on the stock block)

  1. 3.60(stock)

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  2. 3.40

  3. 3.33

  4. 3.20

  1. I mean Mini Race and bleeding off extra boost
  2. I have no clue how the t trim differs from me plus what mods you'll be running vs me so I can't answer that question but my best time is in my sig. There is a video of it also. :)
  3. Cool!

    I hope I don't sound like too much of a newb but I was kind of hoping I would be able to run 12's after this!

    **edit** My mods are in my sig also. Just exhaust so far. CRMotorsports was supposed to have my plenum and TB here last week :shrug:

  4. So did they get Andy's car on the dyno today?
  5. Did you actually race him this year?
  6. I will be bringing my car in on the 10th and should be picking it up on the 17th. Hopefully I will get to see some of your cars there that weekend.
  7. [QUOTE='96&'01Stang]So did they get Andy's car on the dyno today?[/QUOTE]

    Guess not :shrug:
  8. Go with the 3.33. My car makes alot more boost than it can safely handle, but Tim tuned for it to redline at 6700, which is about 11psi (safe). So, I have about 3 more pounds of boost available when i get the Forged SB. My $.02
  9. I've added a poll just out of curiousity.
  10. Love the way your car sounds on the dyno Deadlurker. Somehow I was mesmerized watching the boost vid you have on your site. One day my car will developed that whistle under the hood, one day........
  11. Voted. Just another point to consider, every Steeda Q400 in the mags (big 3 mustang mags) I have seen is pullied for 12lbs non intercooled. I feel comfortable at 10-11 with the cooler.
  12. [QUOTE='96&'01Stang]So did they get Andy's car on the dyno today?[/QUOTE]
    Tim said not yet. He is keeping him so busy he doesn't have time to work on his own car, lol! :rlaugh: They said it will be done in the next 2 weeks though.

    I feel sorry for these guys having so much work at this time of the year. Not monitarily of course, I mean Xmas time and all. I hope they take time to go do something with the kiddos!

  13. I voted 3.33 due to the intercooler. From what I understand it will still put the Vortech at 9-10#.

  14. i hope to be making the trip to GA this summer to get subrames,
    dr gas, intercooler, dragon plenum, and tune. can't wait. saving
    up all the funds so i can do it one trip. if nothing else the trip home
    should be a blast.
  15. Just so you know that was with the 3.27s...i'm sure the boost will come on quicker if I had a video of the 3.73s.

    I'll try to get another video after my visit to T&J is complete. Thanks though. :nice:
  16. hey................
    ...Merry Christmas or happy holidays and all that good stuff fellow stangers...........................................................
    Dave..........................GI Joe
  17. What hotel do all yall people stay at when down at Tims.I,m planing on joining the c/k club this month myself.I figured i just be sitting in a hotel room for a few days moist with anticepation
  18. I would say you could share a bed with my 18 month old, but he moves around quite a bit in his sleep. :D
    If you want to save money, just stay away from the downtown/buckhead area.
  19. Your best bet will be something off of Windward Parkway but there are a ton of hotels in the area South of T&J....
  20. If your around on the weekend head over to buckhead. Great party place and tons of good looking girls. :nice: