Group Purchase: Mishimoto Radiators

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  1. Yeah, Hopefully Monday!!:D

    That sucks!!, I will check mine first thing. I would get ahold of them right away, he only has a few extra. Let us know what happens.
  2. Left two email and called twice. Still haven't got hold of Mike yet. The person who answered the phone thought that they still had a few rads.
  3. Did they all ship out? I know Tim (timeless2) was somewhat keeping tabs on this, but he can't watch everything. Just curious if this needs un-stuck yet?
  4. Don't unstick until all good rads are received. We should track how a defective rad is handled by a supplier. This should be of inerest to future buyers.
  5. As you wish :nice:

    I'm curious to see how this all turns out as well, since I'm still running a stock radiator with the mods in my sig. I may end up getting one of these down the road when funds cooperate a little more than they are now.
  6. The swap out is being handled directly with the mishimoto as a warranty item.

    I'll ask that my warranty restart with the replacement rad.

    The rep seems to care and will try to get me a new unit by sat, as well as pay (hopefully send pre-paid label) for return of original.

    So far, they are are handeling this as well as any "mistake" like this can be taken care of.

    I'll post the outcome.
  7. So has anyone installed one yet!!
  8. Put mine in on Sat night... worst aprt was that I had to pull the battery too and I snapped the hold down bolt. But I was going to home depot on sunday anyway so no problem...

    overall it took 40 minutes including changing the t-stat, well the t-stat gasket.
  9. Hows it cool? Im gonna do mine Friday.
  10. Just got done putting mine in tonight. The install is pretty straight forward, everything aligned great. The only concern I have is how much closer everything is to the belt and pulleys, but nothing is touching so it's fine.:nice:

    I only got to go for a short ride, so I can't speak too much on how well it will cool in hot weather, cause it's only 75 right now. I did notice that it takes a while under normal load and running it hard for the temp. to get to half. I also noticed that even after run hard and it warms up a little, it seems to cool down quite a bit faster.

    I only burped the system a couple times, after spewing coolant everywhere I decided to call it quits for the night. I might have to see if there is any air in the system yet tomorrow.:shrug:

    Overall impressions are that is seems to be a great product for the money! :spot: Very nice looking, solidly built, drop-in radiator. I'm very interested to hear the results and long-term reviews everyone has.
  11. Update on the rad replacement (Delivered to me defective).

    Not good, I'm getting tossed around and being told that I have to pay $10 shipping for the new rad and return shipping.

    No other company has ever charged me anything when they sent defective product at the get go.

    Not the correct way for them to handle sending me a defective product.

    Paypal has a 45 day window to protest, and the rad came after the window. I still started the complaint process.

    I also paid through paypal with my credit card, so I will be processing a complaint through the credit card also.

    Hopefully, somebody sane will do the right thing and replace the defective rad without it costing me for their blunder.
  12. It seems to cool better. I let it idle in the driveway with the air on for about 20-25 minutes on sunday (90* heat) and it stayed cool. My car would have really heated up with the old radiator (I think it was original).

    Then I tried running the a/c on monday afternoon on the way home from work for about 20 miles, it was only 80* out but I still couldn't have pulled this off with the old radiator without getting hot (on my factory dummy gage)...

    So right now I am cautiously optimisitic that this will work. If it doesn't then I will probably look into the missing air deflector under the car. if that doesn't work i am clenaing up my engine compartment so to speak.

  13. This is BS... I am more upset about how they are treating you than I am about the fact that I don't think any of us have gotten our other 5% back for hitting 10 people in the group buy.

    Let us know how it goes.
  14. Man, I have to agree that's BS. Can you post any pics of the damage? I wonder if there's any way to fix it and try to salvage the radiator if no agreement can be made regarding replacement of their defective product and how they should be eating the shipping cost in order to do it?
  15. I installed mine about a month far as cooling, well with my 331 it still wanst to climb a to about the m-a on N-O-R-M-A-L with the A/C on...without the A/C on 100+ days it seems to do a pretty good job with the temps staying right at half way with hard runs, and at night when it's 80* it's staedy at the "O" but you have to take into consideration that my fans come on at like 180* because of the dyno tune.
  16. I have pic that I sent them. I never figured out how to post. I can repair it. Reguies some welding to fill gouges, grinding and sanding to smooth out. Be like repairing wheels.
  17. Mike at KTeller is not satisfied with the manufacturer either, so he offered to handle it directly for me. I'm fine with that and not really worried about making it a rush deal.
  18. Go to and make an acct, then you cna uplaod as many pics as you want.

    It will give you some links. Copy and past the one with the [​IMG]
  19. So how long is it going to take before we get the additional 5% back? I thought we were told when they shipped or has that part changed?

  20. I got mine back before they even shipped. :shrug: