Gt40x W This Cam?

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  1. Think I will run into problems ptv wise w my cam if I ran gt40x heads? I have speed pro flat tops w reliefs. Cam specs- comp 35-440-8 duration @ .050" 220 in and ex 281 advertised,.512 lift in and ex, lobe sep angle 110* I won't be installing heads myself due to lack of garage. I realize one should clay it up to measure but it would suck to oreder heads pay labor to have er torn down to get clayed just to find out it the heads wouldn't work.
  2. I ran that much lift with stock pistons and similar heads. You should be fine. Can't exactly say don't check though. Actually, I can't imagine you would have problems with that so long as the pistons have at least as much valve relief as the stock ones, and you install the cam straight up.

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  4. That cam will clear.....

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