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  1. It is definetly a balancing process. I think overcooking looks best when you can get some clouds and sky in there, as that will add a lot of drama. Plus, I think it helps to turn down the saturation quite a bit. I may have pushed it too far with this image, but I am hoping to do a much better shoot later where I'll work more on keeping those tones that were lost to black. That said, I think overcooking is where you'll see HDR really come alive, and we'll probably start to see a lot more of it in mainstream advertising and media as folks get more used to the look. Just like reverb was considered an error at the advent of the electric guitar, then later spawned a whole new sound (Rock and Roll etc.), I expect what looks like an error today will be embraced as a whole new branch of photography.
  2. I agree. There's actually a lot being used in the music industry right now. Clouds definitely make for better HDR. I don't like the way the red came out in photomatix, so I tried to fix it with PS but oversaturated a bit. Then again, art is completely subjective.

    I threw a few more layers on it. That's better.
  3. Rained today, I wanted to see what the overcooked HDRs would do with rain clouds. Here are a bunch more photos of my car.

  4. Great Pics!
    The above pic...removed the 4X4 look!
    Same pic with shorty antenna.
  5. More fixed 4X4 look. Without and with shorty antenna.
  6. awesome. That is exactly what I was thinking. The car is bone stock right now, and I am itching to get a better suspension or just lowered springs in the rear. That ass just hangs so high right now. And, of course, the shorty attena adds a lot too.
  7. Again, I usually don't like the over cooked ones, but you're really pulling it off well.
  8. Thanks Darkfire. I think the color of the car helps a lot with this particular technique. It is almost a BW photo, any color is very subdued. I like how it blends into the asphalt. I think, with a red car... this might just look odd. Though I do like the red tone on your recent overcooked example, it really pops. The suspension on your car really looks great. Is it a comfortable ride?
  9. Thanks, I was thinking the same thing myself. The red just doesn't lend itself to that type of processing very well. It ends up getting over or under saturated.

    The suspension is very comfortable. It's actually, dare I say it, more comfortable than stock.
  10. I've got nothing better to do today. You'll probably see several more from me today lol.

    Used Photomatix, Photoshop, and Nik Color Efex for this one.


    Here's a building from a previous set that I just redid. I like this one alot.

    View attachment 307533
  11. Hey guys, you all seem to be excellent photographers, so I value your advice. Here are a few attempts I made at an HDR. I tried to hold back from "overcooking" it, I just wanted to make it "pop" some more. What are your thoughts, suggestions? I'm a noob at this, so your advice is greatly welcomed.



  12. First of all, the new Bullitt grill looks amazing. I would not worry too much about painting the satin silver detailing on it, I think folks can get too carried away with the black out effect. A little satin sliver, or chrome here and there can really pop. Anyway... just my opinion (I am sort of responding your post about the grill, not the HDRS)

    In regard to the HDRs, they are a good attempt. I think I am going to repeat my earlier comments about reducing the saturation. I think you can "cook" the images a bit more, to add drama, but you have to bring down the saturation, otherwise it just looks wrong. The sky in the sunset shot is really pushing the limit to my eye, too blue, and the red brick wall is screaming for attention, taking away from the car. I like the concrete shot the best in this series because it has very little color, and the texture works great.

    I also like to go in and lighten and darken some areas (dodging and burning) after running the HDR filter. It can add a lot of depth. Just go in and darken the edges a bit, to really draw the eye to the center of the frame. Not too much, subtlety is key here.
  13. Darkfire, these are amazing. Ellie really takes to HDR much better than Scarlett (IMHO).
    And it does not get much better than that barn shot.
  14. Hows this one?

  15. I think it's a great realistic HDR. The only thing I would do is bump the saturation a bit. The taillights are a bit desaturated.

    I just picked up 3 strobes. Can't wait to see what I come up with.
  16. I like it! DF is right though, its a lil "Bland" at the rear end.

    DF: What do you think the strobes will do? What ones did you get?
  17. I purchased three AlienBees B800's and all the goodies. I'm actually in the midst of opening a studio right now. Primarily they'll be used for portraits, but once I pick up a portable power supply, I'll be using them for car photos, too. They will allow me to get some very interesting car pictures. I'm going to be using them to do a photoshoot with a girl (in her bikini) and her Saturn Sky in the next few weeks. :) The thing I'm looking most forward to is painting with light. You take about a 45 second exposure and take a strobe all around the car and fire it along all the body lines. Looks crazy.

    This is one simple example of using strobes normally:

    The painting with light guy doesn't allow his images to be linked externally, but here's his Flickr photostream. Flickr: moosehd2's Photostream
  18. Check out my buddy Mike's Flickr page. He does photography with cars sometimes... I think there are cars in the picture somewhere...

    Flickr: MGW Photography's Photostream

    I've seen some pretty cool light painting photographs... What kind of camera setup are you working with?
  19. I'll check it out when the woman's not around. :) Just a Rebel XT and a few cheaper lenses for now. Once I get a few customers out the door, I'll be purchasing a 40D and a few good lenses. But this works just fine for now.
  20. i am bigcat, and i approve this message. :nice: