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  1. There really are car pictures on there.. :D
  2. LoL. I just realized he's actually part of my S197 Flickr group. :)
  3. HAHA Go Figure! He is a great photographer!
  4. I didn't want to go overboard with this one but I did some HDR:Tone Mapping to it.

  5. I like it Anti! Very nice!
  6. I like it also! Was there multiple exposures or just one image with tone mapping applied?

  7. Here's one I did the other night while waiting for my new strobes. Used 1 flash and fired it three times, then combined the images. Once in the front, once on the side, and once inside the car.

  8. Awesome. It looks like I now need to get a remote flash... thanks... lol
  9. LOL no problem. :) For this shot, I actually used a 15 foot sync cable and hot shoe adapter. But, I did knock over my camera twice while moving the flash around, so remotes are definitely the way to go. With my new setup, I purchased wireless triggers. Tested everything out today. Works great. Got some awesome photo shoots lined up for this Sunday and next. I'll be sure to post some pics.
  10. 3 exposures. +2, -2 and 0. Brought into Photomatix and HDR'd. Then tonemapped. Brought it back into Photoshop for a few more adjustments and then a vignette.
  11. Here is my 1st attempt. I agree that dark moody skies can really make the most of HDR. The tone mapping controls are going to take some time to figure out.

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  12. Look there's opal, didn't ever see you over here man..

    Dark, I am using a set of elinchrom remote triggers for my studio lighting for the very reason you mention, tripping over and knocking over ****. I highly recommend them for the small amount of cost involved. I've gotten them to work from over 150ft away.

    This isn't HDR, but a terrific shot of my friends son under my calumet studio lighting which consists of 2 umbrellas one on each side varied heights to keep any shadows where I preferred them.

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  13. Not too bad Emay. I'd bump the key light up and also add a hair light though.

    I got the AlienBees CyberSync system and it has worked flawlessly so far. I'm very happy with the outcome. I just got the OK from the model to post pictures, so I'll post some in the talk section. Most are not Mustang photos, and they're not HD, though. Next year I'll have my portable power supply for my AlienBees, and I'll be doing a lot of interesting things. My studio is 95% complete. So close!

  14. Been on stangnet forever. Now give me some pointers will ya.:D
  15. Here is my "fake" HDR from just using different settings in Photoshop on a single image. I have it side by side with the original. Nothing to wild, but I will be experimenting for sure with all kinds of pics and settings...like I need something else to spend hours and hours on:rlaugh:


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  16. Someone found the highlights/shadows setting ;) It's a quick way to fake tone-mapping, to an extent. DP-HDR also has a fake process for JPGs and RAWs.
  17. Here is mine with my old exhaust

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  18. HPIM0600_HDR_.jpg

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