Hello From California

Dec 5, 2020
Hi All new member.
2nd time mustang owner

1st. Was 1966 mustang V8 conversion

2nd and current project is a 92 v8 Notchback mustang.
Current mods :
Maximum Motorsports : Full length Frame connectors, rear control arms, panhard bar, K member brace, strut tower brace, CC plates.
BBK: Lowering springs, shorty headers
Tokico shock all around
Sn95 conversion spindles and rear-end
Torque box re-enforcement
AOD to T5 conversion
I've done all the work in my drive way during this year. My goal for this car is to make it a decent canyon driver, maybe be able to keep up with my buddies and their S2K's.

Currently getting a few parts ready to maybe Megasquirt2PnP. Will be looking for help when doing that.
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