HID's from vvme.com?

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  1. I'm about to place my order for a kit. Question, with so many people that have ordered these kits, has anybody figured out the correct wiring combination to get the high/low beam to work properly? If so, can you post up the right wires to swap on our cars? :nice:
  2. BUMP to answer this question, for everyones future refrence as I just finished the install of my 6K VVME BI-XENON kit.

    The correct wiring combination for my car (03 cobra), looking down at the connector with the clip on top (starting from left to right) was

    Stock it had WHITE in the center. I cant remember which side orange and blue were on. Everyone other combo I tried until then resulted in it being backwards with high beams on when it was supposed to be low beams.

    Its just starting to get dark, so I havnt tested them out in a night situation....BUT I can tell you what, these bad boys are showing up in 6-7PM dayllight! I looked into a normal light (with upgraded brighter bulbs BTW), and its darn bright however I can still see inside the housing and it isnt THAT BAD.....but then i looked into my HIDs, and HOLY SMOKES!!!! Man I couldnt see anything in the housing but blueish BRIGHTNESS...I actually have a headache now from looking into them a total of about 3 times over the past hour or so.:rlaugh: And the center of your vision is basically gone for a few minutes....they are rediculously bright. :nice::nice::nice:
  3. Just got my kit from VVME today. Bought on Friday from ebay and recvd from china tuesday. Crazy fast :nice:

    I got the single beam (low beam) kit for my 2002 Mustang (9007 bulbs). I ended up getting the newer slim digital ballast kit. The directions arent really clear since they show hookin it up with relays, and my kit doesnt have relays with the 9007 bulbs. So just wanted to post a pic and ask if i'm hooking it up correctly.

    Does the kit all just interconnect like i have in this pic? Basically i just double side tape and stick the ballast somewhere and install the bulb and hook up the headlight connector and i'm done?

    Few q's i have on the directions that are included:

    Whats the rubber grommet installed on the wiring for?

    What part are they talking about drilling a hole for? Do we do that on mustangs?

    Does the new HID bulb twist lock into place and then use the stock retainer ring to hold it on the lamps just like the old bulb?

    Is their a right side up on HID bulbs?

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  4. Bulb fits in there one way...just like the stockers. Atleast thats how mine were. They should have an arrow that says "unlock lock" or something like that. Install the light, untwist the bulb out so that just the locking part is left in the headlight housing....install the factory twist on locking cap, then put the light bulb back into the hole and twist to the "lock" position.

    Mine didnt look anything like that, and I have no diea about teh rubber grommet....apparently they want you to put the ballast and whatever in the fendor or somehwere protected?
  5. Thanks for the tips. :nice: Got the kit hooked up and running tonite. It was pretty simple and straight forward. No drilling required like the instructions said. The bulbs only fit in one way, and they lock in the same as the stockers. The rubber gromet has no purpose on a mustang, so i just let it be. Double side taped the ballasts to the inner fender wall and zip tied the cords nice and neat. The wires did had to be switched on my kit too, and i only got the single beam kit (only a red and black wire). FYI, the black wire goes in the middle and red was on the right and no wire hooks up to the left side of the plug in on the single beam kit.

    Tomorrow nite, i'll adjust them...
  6. So the bulbs I would need for a 02GT would be the 9007-3 for the Bi-Xenon correct?
  7. yes, that is correct
  8. Ok thanks, I figured that it was but I never see the bulbs listed as anything other than 9007 so the -3 had me curious. Thanks again.
  9. Great looking and fitting kit guys! One problem that I've noticed is tho. When I first turn on the headlights only one of them will come on and the other one with flicker lightly once or twice. I have to shut them off and turn them back on like 4-6 times to get both of them to fire off. What could the problem be?
  10. Recheck your wiring. I bet you have something wired in wrong...maybe not grounded good enough (use existing battery and engine grounds and just add yours) on that one side. Its also possible that your power source is not connected properly.

    If both of those are good, and your wiring checks out. I would unplug both lights and use a voltage meter to measure the voltage that the power wires are giving and see if they match. If not, then its probably a ballast issue....if they do, then I would say you have a faulty bulb.

    Thats what I would do to try and narrow it down. I am leaning towards it not getting enough amperage to fire the xenon and its just flickering until it warms up some....but I could be off base. Im not too familiar with faults related to this technology.
  11. sounds like you fried the ballast. I bet if you swap that ballast with the one from the other side your problem will move with it.

    the reason is, you probly played with turning them on and off too much too close together. these electronics are very delicate and you need to give it a couple minutes after you turn it off before you turn it back on.

    turning them on/off/on 4-6 times isnt going to help the one that still works either. call vvme and see if they will swap the ballast for you.

    on a side note I just put a 6000k set on and they are great!! I've used some other brands on my bikes and these are right on par... for a hell of alot cheaper!
  12. Edit. Looks like they dont have anything up on ebay right now. Would it be safe to say that if I dont have inspections for lights that I might as well just get the single beam. Would you still get the dual beam now, knowing that the high beam is not as bright as the low beam?
  13. Thats the reason i got just single beam, my car isnt legal for many other reasons, so why spend the extra cash for dual beams.
  14. Update on my HIDS. I hate them. I knew it was a crap shoot if they were going to look decent in stock halogen headlight housings, but didnt think they would look as bad as they do.

    They just dont look anything close to my HID's on my Lexus IS350. I knew there would be some glare, so i spend a lot of time adjusting them. My main problem is that there is two giant hot spots where the main headlight beam shines and then it gets dimmer and dimmer as you go outward from those two bright spots. Its really kind of distracting to even drive with. I think i'm going to take mine back out and put in the sliverstars again. I'll post pics later when i have a chance on the beam spread to compare to your cars to see if its just mine or they are all like that.
  15. Yea man cant wait to see those pics. You're making me second guess my order now. I was so close to getting them today. Im anxiously awaiting your pics!
  16. I agree with the glare from the reflective lens but I think they look better, from inside and out, than my Silverstars. I think I know the hotspots on the road that your talking about, but I still like them better. Just my .02

    Fogs only................
    View attachment 307068
    View attachment 307069
    View attachment 307070

    Fogs on garage wall........Sorry it was late and didn't want to wake the neighbors by driving outside and taking pics against my garage door.

    Headlights and fogs...........
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    View attachment 307073

    Low Beams...........

    High Beams...........
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    And my cars high beams.............

    Like I said, they glare. It's obvious by looking at the sideshots against the wall. There isn't much noticeable difference between the highs and lows in that picture but it is more noticeable on the road. Basically, you get what you pay for. I'm good with that. :nice:
  17. NM

    Edit: Man im glad its chilly in there :D
  18. I posted the pics under a new thread in the talk section.
  19. let me get this straight before i order them... i can order the 880 bulb for the fogs and it will fit correctly?
  20. yes, i have three diff temps of 880's right beside me that fit gt's