Hillbilly Hatch Striker Repair

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  1. Thought I'd share my latest hillbilly repair job.

    If you guys are anything like me, you hate getting nickled and dimed replacing every little plastic clip and bushing that has slowly disintegrated on your aging Fox. Today I was in the garage and popped the hatch open, only to find that the striker bushing had given up the ghost and my hatch was wobbling and rattling all over the place.

    The fix? It sure as hell isn't that $35 piece from any of the Mustang resto places.

    1/2" ID X 5/8" OD tube (in my case vinyl, but I'm sure other materials will work), cut to size and slit long ways:


    Slip it on the striker:


    And then wrap it in something to keep it in place. I used some Gorilla tape, but I think a better method would be to use some robust heat shrink for a seamless 360 degree hold. I have some badass shrink tube at work that I'll try out in the future.


    I doubt this is as durable as a replacement bushing, but even if it only lasts a year, I'll be happy. I have probably $0.10 into this, so I'd have to re-do it 350 times to justify the replacement striker.
  2. How about taking a short piecce of pvc pipe 1/2" cut to length- cut it in half and then glue it back together over the striker with PVC cement.
  3. the washer on the 86 cars do not unthread like the areo cars.

    I swapped to the newer style and used the 3 dollar "help" section bushings. I tried the tube/tape method it worked but only for a few days.
  4. '87-'91 are captive, too.
    * * * NOTE: Only works on Mustangs built before 05/01/1991. * * *
    '91-'93 Does not use traditional style bushing like in earlier models.

    Finally found a complete unbroken one in the junkyard. Also got a bunch of door latch strikers. 2 bushing were $7 at Late Model Resto.

    I tried splitting a piece of copper tubing then soldering the split. Worked for a while.
  5. Oh damn thanks for the correction
  6. I' going to go out on a limb and sound really stupid for a minute. My hatch has been goofy and always moves around and never quite shuts right and it's just baffled me. I'm sitting here reading this and thinking for the last 10 years the hatch has been like this and not once have I ever seen a bushing on the stricker.... Doh! I can't wait to get home and double check. This thread may have just solved one of my mustangs biggest mysteries!!!
  7. OOOh, that's a good thought. Actually, any kind of flexible plastic and a solvent-type cement might be the ticket. Cut one slit, snap it over the shaft and solvent-glue it back together.

    I imagine solder would eventually crumble after the repeated impacts...? Also, copper is soft, but didn't it rattle being metal-on-metal?

    Haha, I'm in the same boat with my door strikers. I thought for years that the clunky slam noise they made was just typical old car design. Took me a while to realize that they were supposed to have plastic bushings.
  8. I flipped my hatch bushing 180* because the wear marks. But [email protected] they crack like a mofo. May slide a little rubber tube over what i got left to lesson the blow now.
  9. I'm just as stupid as you. I've had 4 I think and never considered they were all bushing-less
  10. Ok so I bought a 5$ metal bushing off Ebay..I know I know..but if you put the washer in the vice and wack the bolt a few times, the bolt WILL unscrew out of the washer. I did it per the bushing makers instructions. You could use a piece of brass, steel, pvc etc to make your bushing. I like the metal one I bought. I think it is steel actually.