Hmmm what mufflers to get?

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  1. maybe so :rolleyes: i was just sayin that you wont get the same sound. the 4.6 has a sound nowhere near the 5.0 but you can give it a shot if you want.
  2. DynoMax Ultra-Flo SS Welded, I have them on my stang and I absolutely love them. I keep getting compliments on it because it sounds a little different than most 5.0's
  3. To get the 4.6 sound is easy.And done by accident. Mac long tubes, pro chamber, Spintech pros with 2.5" Tails. Add the anderson n21 cam and it sounds like a indy car. I plan to run the same cam and exhaust in my next fox.(will be here saturday)May go with n41 cam and trackheat heads tho.
  4. I have Mac Long Tubes, VRS O/R X-pipe, Spintech Pro Streets dumped. I will be getting some GOOD exhaust video this weekend. We have a chase car, and a kid who's good with the camera and editing. Should be able to snag whatever sounds you want from it. Going to be a lot of stuff through mid range with the camera right next to the back of the car to get a REAL idea of the sound.
  5. will the anderson cam upset my SD...
  6. You would haft to call Rick on that one. I doubt it would work well SD. I was just tellin ya how to get the sound.
  7. dynomax race bullets

    i got them on my stock motor with headers and an x, and it turns heads all the time. and there $40ea. cant beat em
  8. BBK Shorties w/ BBK o/r H and mac mufflers and thats where is stops. i love the sound of it, but though even in normal driving people 2 streets over here me coming