how many miles are on your 99-04?

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  1. how well does the car run with your mods, minus the nO2? any numbers or times?
  2. 2003, I have 57K on her and haven't had any trouble. I bought her with 42K April of '07.
  3. '03-just turned 50K-no probs whatsoever, except for a bad passenger window switch.

  4. 99 GT 118K
    Stock battery replaced at 100Kish
    Rear caliper seized at 100Kish
    COP's replaced at 115K
    Plastic intake still hasn't cracked:shrug:

  5. im waiting on the intake to bust :rolleyes: . maybe it will last a while longer. do they make a replacement that isnt plastic but not priced sky high?
  6. Car runs really well - have a computer issue right now but I think that's my own fault - need to reflash when I get home. I am pushing 269 HP and 312 TQ - came from a dynojet. I need to go in for another dynotune to run with the nitrous. I don't play at the track - have to fill out a "outside activities request" form from work for that.
  7. Zinc. Cell phone picture... [​IMG]

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  8. Also - the Typhoon intake manifold isn't too expensive. You can find one unpolished for about $450 depending on where you go. It will need cleanup work though, they have issues with casting flash on the internal structure.
  9. '04, 24,500, Zero problems.
  10. 78k miles, 30k of them being blown and still truckin.....
  11. 58k on my 2000 GT, only had to replace intake manifold with one that had an aluminum crossover.
  12. 99GT here at major problems--replaced the battery (stocker) about 2 months ago. :nice:
  13. I'm starting to think that y'all need to drive your cars more! An 04 with 24k on it? Let me borrow it - I'll move the odometer for ya ;)
  14. my 2000 gt has 136,888 , and the speedo was broken and dident work for a year!! :rlaugh: sooooo :shrug:
  15. BTW - nice Zinc Yellow, your picture convinced me to buy some black wheels.
  16. looks sweet man :nice:
  17. I've never driven any of the Mustang's I've owned any different. I've always had a second vehicle, so I only drive my Mustang when I want to. I did just take it on a 4,000 mile roadtrip. The Mach drove like a wet dream. I can't imagine going on another long roadtrip without taking it. I felt like I owned the road. :cool:
  18. 130,xxx. Origional motor, clutch, trans, rear.

    And yesterday I ran it on our local Speedway, 4 laps wide open throttle, ripping on the brakes and railing around the corners. And after that was the autocross.

    Parts broken since I bought it over 2 years and 38k ago: 0.

    Only things replaced were general matinence, and alot of those parts got upgraded.
  19. 73K on an '02 GT
  20. 99 with 75k only had to replace complete a/c so far