How many times have you been pulled over?

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  1. 19 and twice, no tickets. no taillights (running lights) wiring prob i got to work whil ehe was there, and another was street racing (SORTA)
  2. I'm 21 and i've been pulled over and received tickets about 10 times. the sad part is that i received the 5 tickets in under a month. I was about 18 and spoke to all the judged since it was 5 different cities and believe or not, i only had to pay one and took defensive driving, so it didn't go on record. two years later w/o tickets, same thing happens, in about 5 weeks I get 5 tickets and this time i wasn't so lucky. i had to pay close to $500 for all of them. only one went on record cause i took the 30 day probation period. but yep, 10 freaking tickets
  3. well, here in Bellevue, WA... I get profiled about every 3-4 weeks in the winter, and ever week in the summer time... get followed everywhere I go by a marked cop car... I've been pulled over 4 times, and 3 tickets in 7 months... thnx to a good lawyer though, no tickets are on my driving record, and none are pending trial :D
  4. Yea I now know why insurance is so high for these cars. :nonono:
  5. lol, I just changed insurance co... went from 1600/6 months, to 2200/year! I can actually afford my car now :D
  6. What company is that!?! and what is your coverage and deductible...if you dont mind me asking. I would just like to have an extra $50 every month.
  7. Im 21 and i got caught speeding, he dident clock me cause he was going the otehr direction, but basically i was going 90 in a 30, anyhow, he asked me how fast i was going and i told him 45!! he was so pissed, he was swearing at me and 'Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me''Kiss Me', but lol he had just run out of tickets, so i was let go!!!! but get this!! yesterday, coming home from work, IN the same exact spot he had pulled me over, i rearended a car, and totaled the front of my mustang, and what do you know, the same cop showed up!!!! he was like " ah huh u were speeding huh"!!!!
  8. Twice- First time I got no ticket and the state trooper bought the car I was driving (it wasn't my car the owner was selling it, 66 GTO) and second time for running a red light at 4 AM, I dropped a cd and the light changed while I was picking it up, didn't see it change.
  9. I'm 36 and been pulled over 4 times, but never in the Mustang. Once in Datsun 610 wagon,passenger opened the door and drug his foot on the ground as we passed an Orlando police car. Passenger spent most of the time talking to the officer. He just told me to keep my passengers under control. Once for pulling off the side of the road at night to unlock the glovebox to setup the radar detector, in a 1976 T-bird. We just got asked a bunch of questions and were let go, since our stories matched. Once for speeding in a '76 T-bird, 55 in a 45. Once in an 87 Chevy Sprint Turbo for speeding, 93 in a 70. :eek:
  10. Pre-badge carrying days, I got pulled over and ticketed twice in two different counties in VA (70 in 55). One of those times, I got pulled over later by VSP but given a warning (a very rare event). Don't ask me how many speeding tickets I have written (don't write them anymore). I have been extended "professional courtesy" about 4 -5 times. Most of my traveling now is in an unmarked Crown Vic, aka G-ride. I think most FHP and county sheriff's cars I blow by think I am a county detective.

    If the sun hits my emergency lights just right, 95 turns into my own personal turnpike :D

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  11. full coverage, Costco insurance... I have a slight employee discount though... it is like 1250/6 months normally for my situation... (not tickets on my record, and no violations at all though... keep that in mind, and I have a 3.2+GPA which helps some...)
  12. I got a ticket yesterday and today for tints so i guess im around 16 now.
  13. How serious is a ticket for having illegal tint?
  14. It usually a fix it ticket, and i have 14 days to take it off. I was at the store buying razors to scrape the glue off and another cop pulled me over in the store parking lot and gave me a ticket, this time its a 2 point obstruction of view. I went to the police station and got another officer to write it off anyways so i think i wont get any points.
  15. wow! that's the first ticket I've ever heard of just for tinting... usually, if you really piss off the cop, he'll check out your entire vehicle... weird :shrug:
  16. Im really nice to them when i get pulled over. Its just i have 5% tint on all the windows and 35% on the windshield. So i think they get mad they cant see me.
  17. :lol: man, you need to change that... I purposefully never did tint because it really pisses off the local Bellevue cops here...
  18. well when i was 15 i got pulled over by a motorcycle cop on my skateboard (i $hit u not...) i was going across a 4way stop, and i just kinda looked both ways and kept on bombing down the hill, well i heard a "rewwwwerrrr" :owned: my first thought was wtf, so i pulled over (haha "pulled over") to the left side of the road (hey i was 15, i wasnt really thinking) he just gave me a bunch of stuff about "what if people dont stop and hit u etc etc" i just went on my way... uhh fastfoward to now reerrrrrr (ff sound) umm when i got my 5.0 about... 5months ago, i didnt have the current tags (in fact i'm still rocking the sept 2003 tags) the dmv never sent them when i registered the car, so i got pulled over for that (in a boston market parking lot :hail2: ) but yeah nothing became of it :nice: but hey goodtimes guys sorry for the amazing run on sentance :flag:
  19. nice run on there man :nice: that's funny about the skateboard... I keep getting BS tickets myself... I try my hardest do be legal, but keep getting crap like not signaling long enough, or crap like that... my first ticket was going 70 on I-5South in my white taurus... (speed limit is 60)
  20. 2 times, the latest one if currenty going on right now. i have to appear in court for street racing. i got my ass handed to me by an ls1 and the cop has the nerve to pull me over. talk about a lose lose situation. oh well, its more the reason to make the car faster. next time i'll beat him and he can get pulled over. haha. 18