hsean's project "resto mod"

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  1. IF you happen to have issues, I have an extra pump here. Just LMK
  2. wheels? yes i had the 2003 cobras that i traded for these 99 cobra wheels which are my personal favorite.remember with this build i am trying to use all that best that ford had to offer.
  3. thanks ozz
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  4. its been awhile since i updated this thread and i am hoping to to seriously get it done this summer or almost done,is it ever really done?i replaced the 2.73 gear with a 3.55 gear and finally got all the little leaks taken care of .i even took the car around the block and what a rush that was it motivated me to finish her.my plan right now is to get this car at the ford world headquarters for the mustang memories car show.this show is big here in my state and every year i go and every year i say next year i will be here.well now i can honestly say i will be there with the car and i am getting excited.

    here are a few pics
    these are the saleen headrests i have been looking for the last three years and i would not be denied when i saw them on ebay.i put in a bid of over 500 dollars and luckily no one was as crazy as me and i ended getting them for 425. ouch!!!!!!!
  5. i installed and fit my doors and fenders and everything else the doors and fenders took me a couple of hours to get to fit right.the driver side was easy but the passenger side required me to beat the inner door area ,when that wasn't to my standard i beat the top portion of the door to my liking and did some bodywork.none of the closures were original to the car and luckily for me the car was straight .
    and the cervinis hood
  6. Good to hear an update. I'll be picking that thing apart at Mustang Memories as head judge, you know ;)
  7. i had some dings here in there but mostly on my doors and i had to fix the the area between the hatch and the doors which were alittle wavy. i got rid of the dents all over the car and i shot it with high build primer and began to block it out.

    when i was satisfied that all the dents were gone i had my friends shop come pick up the car and do a professional job on it.my friend is very meticulous with his work and does the body and paint himself.so off it went to his shop

  8. cool looking forward to it
  9. all the bumpers and side spoilers and closures were removed once at the shop to be painted separate once at the shop.
    and epoxy primered
    and one last coat of high build primer
  10. i hope to have the car back by the end of the week for reassembly
  11. Making really quick progress! Are you doing a two tone? I noticed the bottom half is masked off.
  12. No that's just to protect from overspray since the motor is done and my suspension parts are all new in the car.
  13. Btw he removed the front fascia and rear cobra bumper 'hatch'and hood I told him not to remove the doors since I had already sprayed the doors and jams a year ago but he is going to scuff them up and respray.the reason for this is because of the extra wiring I added and sneaked through.
  14. Gotcha. I just wasn't sure why the bottom half of the doors were masked off.
  15. Yeah they were already block sanded and done foxbody doors are not the straightest thing right from the factory when new .
  16. glad to see you back working on it
  17. Can't wait to see it! Hope it goes quickly for ya.
  18. Looking good Sam! Your on the home stretch now! Might have to meet up and see the car in person at the show. I have never been down for the show and may just go.
  19. yeah scott you have to come down my favorite of the many local shows we have here in southeast michigan.the weather is usually very nice but the way the rain has not stopped since spring arrived i don't know.hope to see you there and see and hear your car in person.
  20. yeah i haven't heard from him in four days but my wife had told to take his time when he picked it up .she has me doing the landscaping in the front coming along real nice but i know as soon as i get my car back i will pushing hard to button her up.