hsean's project "resto mod"

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  1. Can't wait to see the nav system set up. Very cool. :nice: Where did you pull that and the wiring from? (or did I miss that somewhere?)
  2. thanks but i can't take credit for the rewrapping of the engine harness almost stock was the first to do this and i took note of it.as far as the nav unit that is the look i hope to achieve which is pretty much a factory look.i replaced the wrong dash frame and body harness and now i just need the clutch quadrant and nuetral safety switch that i broke while sanding the pedal assembly.when i get those items i will have most of the interior back together.
  3. awesome man i started on my interior first on mine and thats what needs the most work im starting to think i should of started some where else but oh well its getting done. what are you gonna work on after the interior?
  4. i had to drill through 3 pieces of metal for the antenna base as far as the wiring it is set up for satelite and it is a complete harness that runs down the passenger side so no interference .i will take better pics and post for you .
  5. i would like to dress up the motor abit it is completely rebuilt and i sprayed it with high heat engine paint but i am not satisfied with the way it came out.my plan right now is to powdercoat the cobra intake and valve covers and paint the new power steering rack that i picked up the same color as the car.i am hoping to drop the motor and trans in the next few months and get it back on four wheels.the last thing before i throw the seats in will be all new t-top seals.
  6. hey prime lord i kind of jumped the gun with the antenna base but i figured since i was putting the body harness in i wanted to tie everything together.




  7. AWESOME progress report!!! the car is looking great!
  8. That's pretty cool. I love the look of that type of antenna and it fits well behind the T-Tops. Since I don't have a conventional antenna anymore, I thought about doing one of those. Maybe someday. heh.
  9. it's not hard and all you have to do is look in the junkyards for any number of the newer ford vehicles. what is great about the t-top cars is there is a hole in the back where it is a perfect spot to drill through .i measured a friends car and the distance is ideal.i shaved the fender hole for the antenna but i still have to finish both fenders.the previous owner tried some paint stripper and didn't do a good job with it.
  10. kind of at a standstill but got some things done

    i epoxy primered all these things


    had a friend repair my lower cobra intake the guy i bought it from cut this section out when he broke a tap in it.


    he's going to redrill the hole for me and it will be as good as new

    some things i painted body color


    the black dash in
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    i sound deadened the interior but it is a mess here is a couple of pics

    View attachment 235986
    View attachment 235987

    the interior is a mess right now i don't know what is wrong with the camera the flash isn't working right.
  11. looks good man makin good progress keep up the good work
  12. Nive job. You are really hitting all the details! It's gonna be very very nice. I just started another build myself. But I have to admit....I will not be doing all the little stuff like sanding and painting the underside and the inside of the floor. I did that with Hack Job, but this time, I need to cut some corneres to save time. Keep going on your project, it's gonna be great!
  13. thanks man
  14. thanks i really liked your last car looking forward to this one done as well.the pics here came out awful and i had a bunch of parts inside the car that i need to get out for better pics. it took me a couple of hours just to sandblast all those bolts and brackets. maybe when you get this project done i can stiop by and see it.you're only about 20 minutes or so from me.
  15. Beautiful work. I plan to do the same sail planel/ quarter window swap on my 89 at some point so I'll be studying your pics. Also there is a market for that netted halo seat with the 4eyed crowd if you wanted to sell it.
  16. thanks ,if you need more pics let me know i really love the look of the svo sail panels.i sold a mint pair of the 87-93 quarter glass on ebay not too long ago and i can't believe what i got for them.they all will eventually dryrot so this is the best option in my opinion.that netted headrest seat you saw were a pair that came out of a 79 pacecar.i was going to use them in my project and then picked up a clean pair of recaros locally.i gave them to a friend of mine who was going to use them in a pinto build .i have since bought 2008 cobra seats to use in my project.
  17. pm sent. Thanks
  18. pm replied i am going to see what is going on with this camera everytime i snap a pic it says record on the screen.that is why those last few pics came out awful.
  19. I also deleted the fender antenna hole when I redid the body. It just cleans up the from of the car 100%. I'm gonna have to pull my headliner soon because I fear there is a broken rivet in the t-top frame. I get this nasty rattle every time I go over a bump or shut the door. Maybe when I decide to dive into that I'll look into doing one of those low-profile antennas. And I'll prewire for a future nav/sat radio while I'm at it.

    Keep up the progress man. It's gonna look killer with all the little details complete. :nice: