Im tired of Ls1 smack talking

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  1. Ok I have a buddy with a trans am and one with a camaro. They sent me a message this morning that said
    Supercharger or
    We can not have this, so if anyone can think of any comebacks please post them! :mad:
  2. As far as I know you can either install a power adder or spend $8-12 grand to do it n/a. It would have been nice if Ford had given us a good intake manifold, then adding cams, etc. might do you some real good. If you have the money for the FR500 intake, then you can spend some more on cams, rods, pistons and head work and a tune.

    I've been thinking about dropping a 512 in big block in mine. With aluminum heads it weighs about the same as the 4 cam and is close enough in size to fit. Bottom line is that LS1s are hard to beat n/a.
  3. haha clever.

    i think its pretty spot on though. Ford decided to stick with a smaller displacement motor, chevy didnt.

    just let him know, a 03/04 Cobra has no competition with the camaro, 1) because there were none in 03 and 04, and 2) the 03/04 Cobra's competition is the Vette. When ford finally decided to make a fast mustang, it went straight past fighting with its lone arch nemesis and slapped his daddy (the vette) like he was its bitch.
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  8. there just jealous thats all.
    a 4.6 to a 5.3 is a big differance in cubes. i think there 5.3's ?

    tell them to s/c theres and stfu ,
  9. They are 5.7's
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  11. I have a friend who has a WS6 TA and it only comes with 345hp. That's only 25 more than a 99-01 Cobra. Then take the fact that the Cobra has a 4.6 and the WS6 has a 5.7. AND..... the TA's are almost ALL fiberglass. Camaro's are the almost the same set up as a TA(if I'm not mistaken). My Cobra is NA and not a whole lot of engine mods, and we run toe to toe. Plus Mustangs aren't ugly as hell.
  12. its actually a 5.7 (350ci) versus a 4.6L (281ci).

    if Ford went with a 5.4L 4V combo on a stang, it would be at 320-330hp and dead even with a SS/WS6. Hell, take a 99/01 Cobra or a Mach1 against a SS/WS6, youre still losing but its not by much. see what happens when you try to make a closer comparison of car vs car? GM Boys always compare their top trim level cars at their finest before cancellation (SS/WS6) to our base models (GT/Bullitt/M1), but throw our top trim level from the model before cancellation (03/04 Cobra) and see whats up now.
  13. If you honestly think that motor has 345 hp you are mistaken. These cars put down 290-325 rwhp stock(98-02 years) and run high 12's to low 13's stock on average. When I had my 99 Cobra with LT's mid pipe, catback, shifter and pulleys I was still being beat by LS1's. When I got 4.10's it was more even. Hell my LS1 isn't that much behind my Cobra now.
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  15. Uhhh...... 345hp would be roughly 290-325rwhp. I put down 315rwhp. I said we run even........ I don't see what ur getting at. :shrug:
  16. It is nice to know that five years after the Camaro/Trans Am F-body clunkers were discontinued and three years after the last Terminator was built, the GM boys still try to talk smack. Good for them.

    You have to admit, though, that they were mighty quick cars and in a straight race they would beat our pre-'03 Cobras without too much trouble. I think that my '99 was a better all-around car and my '03 is certainly better, but we will never know what could have been had The General kept the F-bodies a couple of years longer.

    Oh, well, we will see what happens with the new Camaro.:rolleyes:

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  17. The fact that they are underrated. If you think it has 345 hp from the factory, chances are that it is higher than that. I watched a bone stock 2001 WS6 that is rated by GM to have 325 hp put down 325 rear wheel horsepower with under 1000 miles on it. That is around 370-375 hp.

    Your 98-00 LS1's will put down 295-305 average rear wheel horsepower while the 2001-2002 will be 300-320ish in stock form. A 99/01 Cobra makes 269-275 average in stock form. An F-Body weighs just about the same as a Cobra. You made a broad statement that has left a lot of info out. What mods does he have? What mods do you have? What races have you ran? Type of racing? Outcome distances? A 99 Cobra will need gears, full exhaust, and a good amount of bolt ons to beat a LS1.
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  19. ME:
    -C&L Cold Air Intake
    -C&L 80mm mass air
    -C&L True Flow pipe
    -BBK Twin 65mm Throttle body
    -SCT tuner
    -Steeda non-piggy back style underdrive pulleys
    -MGW shifter
    -RAM HD Clutch
    -RAM Aluminum Flywheel
    -FMS 3:73 gears
    -Steeda quadrant, Firewall adjuster, and adjustable cable
    -2.5" Dynomax off road X Pipe
    -3" MAC Cat back system w/ 3 1/2" tips
    -Kenny Brown:
    -Front strut tower brace
    -Rear strut tower brace
    -Caster plates
    -Subframe connectors
    -Extreme matrix brace
    -Jacking rails
    -Torque brace
    -Aluminum differential bushings
    - Lowering springs(2" drop)

    -Bilstein shocks
    -Steeda Bumpsteer kit
    -All Urethane bushings throughout
    -Ford FR500(Custom white centers w/machined lips)18x9 front, 18x10 rear
    -Kumho Ecsta MX 265/35ZR18(front), 295/35ZR18(rear)
    -Stainless lines
    -Brembo rotors
    -Hawk Carbon Metallic pads
    -"Z-rated" brake fluid
    -6 point roll cage w/ swing out door bars and 6" welded plates
    -Simpson 5 point bar mounted harnesses (both seats)
    -Drive shaft loop

    WS6 package, automatic
  20. Ok, you have a Cobra with a few mods and my guess, around 290-295 rwhp vs a 300-315 rwhp stock car. I have no idea what type of racing, conditions, etc was done. In fact it really doesn't matter. For every person with a lightly bolt on 96-01 cobra beating or hanging with a LS1, I have seen dozens of stock or lightly bolt LS1's that killed bolt on Cobras. I don't see what you are getting at? The LS1 is faster and makes more power mod for mod in NA Form.

    PS I would swap out those gears for 4.10's or 4.30's.