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  1. that sounds pretty exciting...:D
  2. [​IMG]
    box mounted to rear deck lid.... so much bass for 2 6.5"s ! I'm happy. Deck doesn't rattle at all, bass is nice and clear.
    Unfortunately I need to resize the 12" sub box, it's like 1/2" too tall to fit under this box :(
    Thought I made this box right but it just wasn't mounting as high as I was planning on it. Oh well
  3. :rlaugh:

    You're like the Jaquelin of all trades in this thread. Good stuff. :nice:

    I don't know how you work in the cold, all my projects are on hiatus for nicer weather.

    When are you going to visit Virginia? :D
  4. haha, been there once, trying to avoid it.
    jk :p

    speaking of cold, my hands are super hard to type with right now, just came in from garage. The original 12" box I had wouldn't fit under this box (was 1/2" too tall) so I decided to use some of the MDF I had anyways to make a ported 12" box. Have all the wood cut, hopefully will be assembled and carpeted by like... 3AM :-/ I'll throw up some pictures as usual!
    Had to finish this up real quick, changed the port location at the last second
  5. well, looks like I'm finishing it tomorrow. Need to cut hole for the speaker then mount that piece of wood and the box is done. Need to stuff with polyfill, then carpet, and should be set. Hopefully will be able to finish all that tomorrow
  6. Finished box, need to wire up capacitor and both amps still. Took way too long... Why does everything I do take forever? lol
  7. ok, looks nice... now get the darn car running and driving on the road! lolz
  8. how about I promise a video of it running tomorrow when I warm it up for the first time? :p
    I need to get it to the exhaust shop realistically within 2 weeks
  9. Warmed it up for the first time and for some reason it's leaking around the thermostat housing again, so I need to figure out why.
    Here's a video of it running

  10. nice, looks smooth.. but it sounds kinda like a lifter tapping or something.
  11. that's the microphone on the camera, was waaaay too loud for it
    edit: I can hear it too at idle and I think it's the valves tapping closed through the headers
  12. Great build, just read through the thread and as for that tapping did you use the V-6 drive shaft? Also, did your accessories clear the hood without rubbing? Thanks, can't wait to see a vid of the stang putting down some rubber. Keep up the good work!:nice:
  13. thankyou, and yes I used the v6 driveshaft, the accessory brackets I use clear the hood fine, the thermostat hose is much higher and that still clears the hood. Only clearance "issue" I've had is the waterpump pulley being pretty close to the radiator fan, but it's plenty far from it even under heavy revving
  14. Thats good news, the reason i asked about the v-6 driveshaft is my buddy did a similiar swap, but with a tremec. He had a similiar sound and it was because the yoke was wrong. It kinda sounded like a valve was slapping idk if that helps. Also, what spark plugs are you using in the engine? :)
  15. 351w heads with proper sized spark plugs gapped to .054 I believe it was. And I'm not sure how the yolk would be turning when it's in neutral, and I am running a t5 also
  16. ON the thermostat housing gasket did you coat both sides of the gasket lightly with some rtv sealeant before installing it? If not it will always develop a leak. Also I bought a nice looking crome thermostat housing and no matter what I did it leaked. Took it off and put a straight edge on it and it was warped, so I cleaned up the original housing and put it on the engine and no more leaks.
  17. I used the original housing, no chrome one for me (Used a chrome oil pan once and couldn't keep that sucker from leaking)
    and the first time I didn't use any silicone, 2nd time I used silicone on both sides, last night I tore it down and replaced it again and used silicone on both sides again, making sure both surfaces were thoroughly clean, so I'll test it in a bit and see how that does
  18. From whom did you order your moates quaterhorse chip?