Just saw thr original Gone in 60 Seconds

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  1. yep, i'm pretty sure it happened filming the river scene.
  2. Next time you see Commando with Arnold Schwarzenegger notice the yellow Porsche which is totally demolished on one side at the beginning of the scene then as he drives it away there isn't a scratch on it.
  3. Haha! I noticed that too!
  4. GONE!!! But I am biased, lol.
  5. i like the fact that they only used one car for the whole 1974 gone in 60 seconds movie for the stunts! and that scene where he hit the telephone pole was an accident he nearly died filming that movie
  6. When Blues Brothers was filmed they actually took the Monaco over 100mph in Chicago.

    I'm not a big fan of the original Gone. I have it on DVD, and the acting is just too terrible. The chase scene is also a little too long if anything. Plus the final jump is just weird. Did he spin out? Or keep going forward?!!

    My top car chase movies would have to be:
    The Bourne Supremacy
    Bad Boys 2(dodging flying Buicks with a Ferrari is cool)

    And because I have a thing for High Performance Police Interceptors:
    Blues Brothers
    Sugarland Express
    Striking Distance(5.8 LTD vs. 350 Caprice)
  7. No mention of Mad Max? For shame!

  8. well Mad Max and the Road Warrior should go without saying. everyone knows that those had some killer chase scenes.
  9. The only chase I really liked was the patrol car playing chicked with the stolen Interceptor(I like cars that look real). Mad Max was a good concept but there's too much down time in the middle of the movie. Also, the idea of being scared of those bikers is kinda laughable.

    Road Warrior sucks cause they blow up the Interceptor.:notnice:
  10. But Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome really sucked.
  11. :rlaugh: :lol:
  12. Ok, the acting did kinda suck in the original Gone. But, take into account that there were NO stunt doubles for the actors or the car. I mean, all that green screening and crap in the second one really takes away from it imo. He didn't REALLY jump off a rollback on that bridge. Now, in the original version, he really did hit the pole, and jump it 30 feet in the air-and the same car kept driving.

    Anyway, I dug this back up because I just got the PERFECT gift for my hubby here: http://www.cafepress.com/noteleanor

    As some of ya'll know, we are restoring a 73 Mach to look nearly identical to Eleanor-which doesn't SEEM that hard, but she wasn't actually completely stock. And our Eleanor was a real case when we got her. We have also become avid collectors of gone memoriblia, and have come to the conclusion that she is actually a 71 Boss-due to some very specific details about the car. Anyhow...if you've never watched the original version, check it out-as well as Junkman & Gone II (there's a third movie, but it sucked totally-it used scenes from junkman & gone-it's on the dvd with Gone II, which really isn't a complete movie but the slicer is cool).
  13. the other movie you mentioned was called Deadline Auto Theft and that's the one Toby Halicki was killed in while filming when a water tower fell the wrong way and landed on him.
  14. the original Eleanor was actually a 72 Mach that had been repainted and all the Mach 1 identification, decals and stripes and stuff, had been removed from, she wasn't a Boss 351
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  16. He died filming Gone II, that's why it's incomplete-it was being filmed in Kenmore NY in '89. Eleanor was a 71 (so says the article written before he died that I have, as well as the offical gone site). If you look at the specific details of the car-interior, blacked out rear & headlight buckets, as well as some things mentioned in the article, it really leads me to believe she is a 71 Boss, not a 71 Mach. In fact, the lower body strips are the same as a Boss as well.
  17. I'm stuck at work on Christmas Eve, so I'll resurrect this thread and put another vote in for Ronin. I don't care if there isn't a single American car in the entire movie, it's got some of the best chase scenes I've seen in a Hollywood-type film. If only the Gone in 60 remake had been made w/ cool cars AND no CGI....stupid Bruckheimer.

    As corny as the Nitrous scene is in the Gone remake, it still awakens my inner thirteen year-old. The helicopter pilot saying "120..140..he's gone" gets me every time. At least that part didn't have a cartoon flying Mustang:rolleyes: .
  18. I'm suprised no one mentioned the memorable tire change scene on the Six Million Dollar Man where Steve Austin lifts up the front of a 1965 Mustang with one arm then removes the lug nuts with his bionic hand acting like an impact wrench. Of course, he couldn't have lifted the Mustang without the sound effects.

    The Six Million Dollar Tire Changer
  19. "I'm not a big fan of the original Gone. I have it on DVD, and the acting is just too terrible. The chase scene is also a little too long if anything. Plus the final jump is just weird. Did he spin out? Or keep going forward?!!"

    Yeah that car was wasted, i like how you can see the engery of the impact ripple through the sheetmetal.
  20. I just didn't get it. You see the car jump, then start spinning out in slow motion. Then it goes back, and you see the car make the jump again, and keep going.
    I understand Halicki was excited about putting all those amazing stunts on film, but didn't he realize that was just confusing and bad for continuity? Why not just show the spin out during the credits at the end?:shrug: