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  1. Hey guys, just came back from the dyno and here are the official numbers for my recently installed Kenne Bell 9 psi (intercooled) S/C kit. I have to say that I was expecting a little higher numbers. The peak RWHP is 37 HP short from that advertised by KB (405 rwhp to be exact) on a stock engine. The numbers are: 367.9 rwhp and 397.5 rwtq. I think there might be an issue with the chip original tune. The cut-off occurs at 5300 RPMs and the A/F ratio is at 13.5 (is this lean?). What do you guys think?
  2. I'm trying to post the dyno graph, but it is too large...can some one host it for me?
  3. still good #'s
  4. You might have to get a custom tune. Every car is different. That ratio is close to right. But you made power only up to 5300.
  5. Hey bone where are you on the Island?:OT:
  6. It keeps saying file is inaccesible
  7. On a stock longblock, you'll go what motor? pretty soon if that AF stays any higher than 12.5:1 cutoff should be 6050 or 6250 depending on the version of tune.
  8. well

    with all the mods in your mods list i think your numbers out to be alot higher more like in the 400 rwhp range i seen atleast 4 other peoples set ups just like yours and their tq numbers usually in the 420 ft of tq range and hp in the 400 rwhp range :shrug: . and i think you are running lean you need to get that car looked at before you blow something.
  9. Just for comparison, here are the numbers posted by other proud owners of KB 9 psi intercooled kits:

    User RWHP RWTQ
    DPDCRUZIN 433 419
    02GTBlack 393 421
    BC 401 411
    fastpony 396 425

    They all have the same mods that I have, except for the LT headers and off-road X-Pipe. Something is definitely different in my KB chip tune. Need to call James to figure out what could be wrong.
  10. know you

    see what i was talking about yeah you defenatly need to call some one. your car is not getting the numers it should be getting
  11. What kind of Dyno was used?
  12. A DynoJet.
  13. well

    good luck el kid hopefully you will get the problem resolved with a new chip and hit the 400 rwhp mark good luck :nice: :flag:
  14. I can't see the pictures you posted...it says unable to access.

    Email them to [email protected] and I'll post them in this thread for you.
  15. I just got off the phone with Jim Bell from KB. They are going to look into my "paper work" and see what they can do. They are suppose to call me back.
  16. here are the graphs:



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  17. Something definitely looks wrong in those graphs besides the a/f.