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  1. I just got an e-mail from Ken @ KB and he is saying that if in fact my A/F numbers (13.5:1) are correct, it could be due to my BBK air intake tube.

    ... "If there are any bends in a tube just before the mass air meter, this will cause serious errors in the maf output, especially at higher rpm."...

    My BBK CAI is the fender one...I will try installing the stcok tube along with the air box and see what happens. Any opinions?
  2. Wow! That seems lean to me! I've always heard that you want about 12-12.5:1 for any car running a power adder!

    Good Luck!
  3. What after market Cold Air Intake Kit (including KB's) doesn't have a bend in the tube just before the MAF?
  4. Damn, I am going to be ordering my KB in a month when I get back from deployment............Looks like you guys are having a hell of a time with it so far.........RED DRAGON, Are you have drivabilities besides what you posted above?? I plan on getting the 9psi IC kit also, with the big tue kit included. I live in maine, which I'm sure is just as cold as where you are. Ahh man. I really want that KB, but I don't know about all these problems you guys are having. I'm just REALLY worried about detonation. Thanks for the help.
  5. At ease, Dan. Not everyone has had problems. From what I've read, there's just been a few.
  6. Hey Dig iT do you have a dyno sheet of your car!
    Those numbers are awsome! I would love to see the torque curve!
  7. I don't think that is the cause. My car hardly sees the pavement...it only sees about 4,000 miles per year, but I will have it check it anyways.
  8. Dig-it,
    Did you get your tune right off the bat, or did you drive with the KB tune for awhile?? If so, which one do you like better......sounds stupid, I know, just looking at your #'s after the tune should tell me. Also, are your power and torque curves with the new tune as consistant as they were with the KB tune?
    Thanks for your time.
  9. It is KB's opinion that the equipment that was used to read the A/F ratio on my car is malfunctioning nor is the appropriate one. Ken said that they have seen the A/F to vary a lot from their numbers. And I honestly have to tell you that if had not been because I hit the Dyno last Friday, I would be thinking that the car is at its optimum performance because I have not felt any hitching or detonation. The car feels very light with the new found power and drives like a silk. I have floored it one or two times and man, my car wants to eat the pavement. So, go get your KB S/C kit as I know you will love it. Ken also added that the 368 rwhp that I got @5300 rpm is very close to their numbers at the same rpm. Had it continued to the 6000 rpms, I would have easily reached the 400 rwhp mark. From my dyno graph you can see that the curve still has a tendency to continue climbing even @ the cut-off.
  10. Do you think that the dyno was off as far as your torque #'s?? It seems just from your graph that the guys you took it to were kind of clueless as far as its proper operation. I think that you should have been WAY over 400rwtq.
  11. Could be...I will have it dynoed at another dyno on Wednesday. Although the only dyno that has the equipment for measuring A/F is the one that I visited last Friday. :bang:
  12. :nice:
  13. Well, here are more testing results. Since it is Sunday and the expressway is very light in traffic, I went to try the car out. I was able to shift all the way up to 4th gear and here are the RPMs at which the rev limiter kicked in:

    1st (@6100)
    2nd (@6100)
    3rd (@6100)
    4rd (@5300)
    5th (?)

    The dyno guy was right, the rev limiter kicked in at 5300 on 4th gear :bang: Why is this happaneing? :shrug:
  14. I didn't realize you were actually running the BBK. The 90mm maf and their CAI is the way to go.

    On the dyno, make sure they go through the gears and into 4th. Tell them you want it , want numbers at WOT for 2500 rpm's through 6100. They might not be familiar with running a dyno on a Mustang.

    Oh wait. You were hitting the rev limiter at 5300? Wow. something isn't right.
  15. hmmmmmm
  16. Strange right? Tell me about it. KB says that the mono-chip programming is OK and does not need to be re-tuned. :shrug:
  17. WOW that is weird!!!! It has to be a program thing with the computer...How fast were you going at 5300 RPM in 4th??
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  19. I was going at 135 mph, but I have not recalibrated my speedo for gears. It felt REALLY FAST! :nice: I thought the car was going to take-off!
  20. 5300??? The rev limiter is computer controlled. That sounds like something got overlooked. Are any of the other KB guys like red dragon seeing that???