Keep my 6-disc changer?

Discussion in 'Mustang Sound & Shine All' started by sbxvii, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. newbie here. I have a 2003 Premium Coupe with an in-dash 6 disc changer (Mach 1000). I'm going to purchase an after-market head unit (JVC HDR40) so I can play my mp3's (I tried to add an aux input using the FRDN-AUX from P.I.E. but it won't work with the in-dash 6-disc changer).

    I love the 6-disc changer - any possibility I could keep the Mach 1000 head unit and run the CD player into an aux input (or daisy chain some other way) in my new head unit (has an extra aux input in the back)?

  2. follow-up - solution?

    Nobody responded to my question but I did find some answers online. Looks like I need an RCA/audio switch and a Line Out Control. I'm still a little confused as to how I run an RCA out from the factory head unit and also how to hook up power to make the thing work. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  3. I'm wanting to do the same thing so if you find out any way to do it let me know... I'll post it if I find any way.