Looking For New Seat Covers For 65 Fastback

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  1. Hello everyone, I know of at least 3 different manufacturers for 65 pony seat upholstery. TMI obviously has the biggest reputation, but I want to look a little deeper then rep. I probably want a sport seat setup of some sort, and I am curious about some of you guys personal experiences with different vendors. I`ve read both current running threads about TMI, and being 6 foot 2, I`m a little worried about fitting in the car if I go too extreme. So long story short, I`d like to benefit from other guys experiences in this subject, as I want to do it right the first time.

    I also want to thank everyone (there are MANY) who have given me advice in the last 5 years, because without their help, I would have given up long ago.
  2. I was looking for people with personal experience dealing with your company, and other companies as well. It`s not only about the product, its about the service that goes with it.
  3. i can say with a bit of experience,go TMI. i have used seat kits that the center pleats run down hill and badly noticable. pleats that are not uniform from one pleat to the next ,seat kits that the bottom does not line up with the top. puckers in the smooth areas that you can see before they are even instaled on the frames. i have not seen any of this in the TMI covers. uh ,and no i do not work for TMI i just like the covers. i wish i still had some of the interior pics i had ,put them on your computer they said ,you dont have to keep the paper pics they said. then comes the great computer crash of 2,011:fuss:
  4. 65FastBack after just redoing my complete interior with TMI I did notice a 1 inch increase in height of my seat bottoms, but that should be assumed being that the old foam was almost 50 years old. So I didn't think 1 inch was a real increase, it just got it back up to stock. That being said, I'm 5' 10" tall and i have about 3 1/2 inches from my head to the head liner. That also can change depending on how far you lean the seat back.

    Here's the link to my interior swap. Should have some good pictures posted by Monday.

    Peter S.
  5. If I were doing it again I would have kept my stock foam, my car no longer feels right because i sit too high and its a harder seat than it should be. If the seat does not settle in soon (im counting On a week or two of heat to help some things stretch) I will be searching around for either another set of foams from another vendor or some old used foams. As it is the driving experience has lost a bunch and I was not expecting such a drastic dimension change in driving position. I don't think the new foams from tmi are compliant enough.
  6. Good morning, So I finished my interior over the weekend. I have about 2 1/2 hours of seat time in them, and I love them. Enough said. :)

  7. Im 5'"10 and in the drivers seat my hair hits the headliner and I cant look out the car sideways without staring at the top of the window stainless....

    The passenger seat feels entirely different (It feels & sits like it did before I changed anything) because I hogged the listing wire to the rod in the foam only, on the drivers seat I hogged the embedded rod down the the springs/frame and then hogged the listing wires in the seat down to that rod. I did this to replicate how it was originally done by hogging through the foam and onto the seat frame, and also because the rod in my foam was going to pull out near the back of the bottom seat base.

    The drivers seat looks 100% better as it has rich detail in the bolstering, but the passenger side (the one that has the cover only attached to that embedded rod) looks flat and shows no front bolster (Area under the thighs on the stock 65 seats).

    Obviously my original foam was worn ,however I did not notice any damage to it. I know it could have been crushed for decades but it looked good and felt fine. In retrospect I think I changed it because I thought it was the thing to do. I am just saying that may not be the correct thought process. The foam density between the new and old was really, really pronounced and I feel it may be a bit stiff when installed in the methods used in the original seat.
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