Lost control @ 158MPH....:(

Discussion in '1996 - 2004 SN95 Mustang -General/Talk-' started by hotmustang331, Dec 16, 2007.

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  1. Sucks dude! You'll get her put back together, don't worry ;) And hey, atleast you didn't do that on the Busa :eek: :nice:
  2. i would have countersteer'd the Mo Fo and Powered out
  3. Posting OverSized Pics will Get You Banned From Tang' Net
  4. Wow thanks for all the replys guys..and I really dont mind any hate. I REALLY desirve it, what I did was retarded....but like has been said, noone is perfect and ill be the first to say that im not perfect. Oh and I wasnt avoiding the thread LOL...I work 12 hour days and could check.
    Im also one that learns QUICKLY from my mistakes, and most dumb things I have avoided doing because I saw the results when my friends or my older sister messed up. So no I wont be doing anything of the such again!
    And to the person asking how I know I was doing 158....my gauge in my A piller gives a digital readout. My speedo was about 5MPH fast @ 135 or so as an FYI.

    Ill try and get pictures up MAYBE tomorrow but for sure the next day. I get off when its dark.

    I had 15s on it and they stick out due to the wrong back spacing....they took a pretty big hit and saved the side of my car from ALOT more damage.
    Ill check and see if I missed any questions....man im glad I feel better today! I felt sick most of yesterday...I LOVE my car and it makes me feel bad seeing it out there :(
  5. Dude, give it a rest. Don't be hating because your car can't even top 130mph. :stick:

    You already gave your two cents so there's no need to keep adding fuel to the flame.
  6. Glad your OK, we all do stupid s**t but not all of us get to "see" the bad in it.
    I know what you mean about feeling sick after seeing your car wrecked. When I first saw my stang the next day after the wreck Im not going to lie, my eyes kind of teared up. It brings back the accident plus it sucks seeing something you worked so hard on damaged.
  7. just curious what tires were on the car?...were they Zrated?
  8. Its a totally different situation.
    A. I wasnt racing anyone.
    B. Im not coming on here bragging that I did "158"

    When people post up street racing, they are bragging about it....im telling people not to do what I did becuase this may be the result or worse.

    just like if someone posted up that they wrecked in a street race....its a learning thing for everyone else to see what not to do and the thread wouldnt get closed.

    Need to think about the main point of my post, and not so much about what I did. :)

    Tires are the same that I DD anyway. Nitto Drs, just 15 inch version.

    Oh and I went by the "place" again on my way to work. I looked and I made it a good 95% through the turn.
  9. its say nitto 555Rs are rated V....thats only supposed to be put to extremes of 149 MPH
  10. yes they will take 149MPH for 10 minutes under maximum weight load.

    BTW Ill be changing the cars tune....to inlcude a 135MPH speed limiter. Just to keep an honest man honest as they say. And until it stops me at the RACE TRACK, it will be staying inplace.
  11. Yea im not sure what happened. It was climbing steadily to 158 and then just stopped...maybe the gauge flaked out, I really dont know. :shrug: But could be the low RPMs of the 5 speed....also to note I was running 9PSI which is around 47XRWHP...I wasnt throwing down the full 550.
    But ill never test again to see if it was a fluke....besides MAYBE...MAYBE in the future, the "Texas Mile" since its a controled situation with EMS. (aka its a race track...the proper place do do something of that nature)
  12. I wanted to quote this, since it really REALLY suprised me. I have to be honest, I expected to see a post of you bashing me....and I was really fine with that, so this is a welcome shock.

    i know we have had our differences, but maybe we can put that behind us.
    I really have alot more respect for you now, and I thank you for not judging me....ill be the first to admit I screwed up AND that I learned my lesson.
  13. Amen to that. Way too many people in here trying to play daddy to this poor guy. Dude admitted he made a mistake, didn't endanger other motorists. I hope your alright man, but I in no way think you are a retard for testing out your car. Next time you will handle that turn because your car will have the brakes/suspension to do it. I respect you for coming in here and telling your story man. Hope your knee is well, and you can fix/replace that bad A** car.
  14. :stupid: x10
  15. mmmm i lover horsepowers!

    i just hit 130. on the onramp. just for ****s and giggles. anybody doesnt like it can kiss my white ass :shrug:

    id go faster but the only thing that is in my mind towards the top of 4th is my pistons expanding in my cylinder bores and the coolant boiling towards the back of my heads.

    seriously though, i doubt you will need a speed limiter, you might as well just sell your car cause next is a horsepower limiter because you will be afraid everytime you lose traction you are gonna slam into a wall. time to get a civic i guess and conform to the rest of society because of one little error of judgement and the entire intrawebs coming down on you. if it were me, my next mods (after fixing of course) would be a rollcage and better suspension to handle at those speeds, oh and more power, so i can get there faster and let off earlier, before that pesky curve.
  16. You need to cal Maximum Motorsports ASAP
  17. Thats what im thinking, he cant top 130mph while ill be pulling my front end off the line at the track and traping over 130 mph, but wait according to some poser mustang owners thats "not the most intelligent thing to do" or some thing along those lines.

    I wont go over 90mph on the street around traffic or with someone with me i wont put there life in my hands. But when im in a controled envirement like a track, or some back road where we have car and 5.0 spotters. I will take my car to the limit and the person in front of me or behind me chose to do the same put there life on a chance to get that sweet feel of adreniline, i can only name 1 thing better in the world than hauling some ass. Its addicting Cody was getting some :nice: .

    I guess some of the more subtle stangnet members need to get that cherry popped :D if that thought process makes me dumb than so be it NEVER SCARED :flag:
  18. Actually my cars top speed is over 150

  19. :rlaugh:

    Just don't call for an ambulance to scrape yer remains when you lose it. :shrug:
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