!Magnaflow Vs. SLP!

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  1. if u get the magnaflow cb get the magnaflow h pipe or x. try not to switch brands because that could lead to leaks or it might not line up that well. slp stuff u can get at slponline.com ok. good luck man. when i get slp u can hear mine if i get some clips. good luck.
  2. k thanks everyone. ill go with magnaflow then for the X pipe. i hope its stainless steal? and if i get a cat back it will be the regular magnaflow's. 98ish DB's is plenty loud plsu it will be a bit louder cause ill be catless. i hope to order this weekend so maybe ill post a sound clip in a new thread i dunno

  3. Wow...in my honest opinion that sounds absolutely horrible. It sounds like a bunch of nails being thrown at a weedwacker. Hurts to listen to.
  4. Everyone listen to this soundclip. Its a 96 Cobra with a catted X-pipe, and Bassani Street Competition Catback: http://www.mustangexhaust.com/sound...anicatalyticX-pipe,factoryheaders,96Cobra.mp3

    That sounds much better than anything made by Borla or Magnaflow. They both sound too tamed, muted and dull while this has that gurgly edge to it.

    The only downside is the price of Bassani Catbacks. Even the BX (aluminized) series are expensive. My Cobra friend who has owned 3 Cobras with many exhaust combos *SWEARS* that I will gain at least 1+mph and drop .2+ in the quarter from this catback over my stock pipes/weld-in flows. He also said it would be louder which I also like. If I find one used at a good price i'd buy it instantly.

    I bet most people didn't even know Bassani made a "street competition" catback. It sounds a lot different then the quiet thunder catback they have.

  5. Yes, it's stainless steel. Go for it, you'll gain good results. :cheers:
  6. I'm thinking of getting SLP myself. Every SLP sound clip I hear sounds different. Some sound good and others sound bad. Can't make up my mind.
  7. I seriously doubt that any leaks would emerge from using a SLP X with a Magnaflow CB, or vice versa. Both companies are known for excellent quality and fitment, I bet they would bolt-up to each other just fine.

    Now for X-pipes, the SLP is more of a traditional X (two pieces of pipe welded together)
    The Magnaflow is more of a clamshell (although a very good one that they still say is a 'true X') its basically two flat pieces of stainless stamped & welded together.

    You'll do well with either choice :nice:
  8. Anyone have pics of the SLP tips? Also, is there any performance difference between the Magnaflows and Magnapacks?
  9. in that test they did magnaflows got the best rating Hp wise. the link is somewhere in this thread.
  10. I think you guys are nuts for wanting it that loud. There are times I want to hear my car and times I dont, but man, when its too loud, I just cringe, it's almost embarrassing. I have a magnaflow catback and cant even FATHOM switching to the packs and I'm only 25. I draw enough law enforcement attention as it is with these. Those resonators are illegal up here as well.
  11. HOLY $#IT! I am SOOOO F%CKING sold on them! :worship:
    SLP ALL THE WAY MAN!!! I was laughing my ass off during that video because the car sounded so cool. I was debating "Magnaflow or SLP?"

    After this vid, the choice is clear... :cheers:
  12. Amen! As far as I'm concerned.......the louder the better. I just heard some guys 98gt with straight pipes tonight and it didn't sound near as loud as that. I think I'm gonna switch if someone wants my flowmasters cheap PM me. I WANT SLP!!!!!! w/LT's
  13. Guys, when you listen to SLP clips or hear a car in person, you must pay close attention to their setup. LT's change the exhaust sound as do whether you have a catted X or an O/R X.

    I have an SLP Catted X and the SLP Loudmouth with stock headers. It is loud, but not nearly as loud at NitroLews in that video. I believe he has the OR X and LT's.

    Personally, I think that the SLP Catback by itself, sounds terrific. It has a nice rumble and resembles the old glass packs. When I added the catted X it got louder and lost a lot of the "roundness" off the tone. My car is way too loud for a daily driver. If I had to drive this car to work everyday, I would have not gone with this setup. With just the SLP catback, I could.

    My stang is a third car...a weekend warrior during the summer. For that purpose, my exhaust setup is fine....for me...actually perfect. I ultimately added the X pipe for performance. The combo should be good for 20 hp.

    Idle is louder than stock and sounds a little like after market cams. It does drone at 2200 rpms. When you open it up, it sounds like a race car, but not much sound carries into the car with my top up and windows up. It's wierd...I thought it was louder inside the car when I had just the catback.

    The exhaust is extremely intimidating. No one tries to race me and I mean no one...it never...ever happens. When other cars hear it, they just do not know what to think and they assume the worst...for them...like I might have a 5.8 belching out 1000 hp.

    I hit the Walmart late tonight and there was absolutely no traffic. Some kids in an econo box were trying to get me to nail it at a light. I gave it about 70% throttle through 1st and 2nd until the next stop. They were drooling...it was fun and I never broke the speed limit.

    As you wind it up through the gears it has an exotic tone to it and believe it or not, seems to get quieter at the top rpms.

    SLP is not for the meek nor the daily driver (unless you have just the catback).
  14. Another thing, SLP systems should be legal in all 50 states as long as the cats are used and you are not break noise laws.

    Keep in mind that the Dodge Neon SRT-4 has a very similar exhaust setup that does not use mufflers...it has resonators and I am sure they will be selling that car everywhere.