Met the girl of my dreams today

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  1. Let’s see she likes grilled meat and Mustangs are you sure, she’s not a dude.:rlaugh:
  2. My fantasies just turned to nightmares. GREAT! :nonono:
  3. Because I'm already taken.... :p
  4. Yowza! Good luck man, but you hafta wonder why she hasn't already been taken....oh well, who cares!
  5. I thought I made a wrong turn and ended up on a Penthouse forum. Sometimes the good looking chicks just dont get asked out because most guys assume she already has a boyfriend. This story needs more updates.
  6. She probly hasnt found any cool mustang owners (not saying your cool ;) ) its alot like your story shes the girl of your dreams, maybe your the guy of her dreams??? or maybe not :p
  7. Dont worry about the car man, in a parking lot like that it will be allright.

    Just worry about your chick :D

    Sounds like your moving at JUSTthe right pace, good job!!!!
  8. :lol: Too damn funny! :lol:
  9. My wife was the school hottie, and I was completely surprised when I asked her out for the first time and came to find out, she said "sure". We've been together ever since, I asked her once how I got so lucky, and she told me that she hardly ever went out because guys always thought that she was so good looking that she must be taken. So don't ask, don't worry about why she's single, just enjoy the fact that she likes you enough to go out with again. You start asking, YOU'LL start coming up with reasons why she shouldn't be with you.
  10. Ok I asked her out again, she said yes. So we are going out again sometime this weekend, I am pretty pumped about it. She is real excited to ride in the mustang, I think she has earned it. After dinner we are going to watch a movie in my apartment. I am so excited i dont know how i am going to sleep at night.
    Well its picture time, what do you think,



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  11. Nice... :nice:

    And you 2 are going to school for the same thing? Holy smokes.
  12. Well I am a computer science and information systems major, and she is a management and informations systems major. So kinda,
  13. Nice catch!

    Be good to her.
  14. Sounds like a match made in heaven :D

    Just more proof that us techie nerds can score the hot women LOL :nice:
  15. She looks familiar... :evil:

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  16. Very nice:nice:...........cute girl too!;):D:nice:
  17. Hey, I'm a techie UNIX programmer nerd and I landed the hottest woman in school, granted that's just my humble unbiased opinion... :D
  18. Precisely my point! I'm a software engineer and have a hottie wife :D
  19. I like girls.:crazy:
  20. Post another picture - her hand is covering her adams apple in that one! :D