MustangSteves cobra brake sytem and brackets

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  1. I have a set of Mustang steves brackets and 13" cobra disc brakes and calipers for sale. 65-66

    Front mounting caliper kit $320
    Cobra 13" disc brakes and slotted rotors kit $420
    hubs $50
    ford racing brake prop. valve. $60

    $800 for all buyer pays shipping!

    [email protected]

    located in San Jose,CA.
  2. Question:
    Why are you selling? Was there an issue with this set up?
  3. there is no issue's with these at all. They are brand new never installed. I'm selling my fastback so no need for these.
  4. can seperate also....
  5. $320 shipped for the brackets

    $450 for the brakes and buy pays shipping
  6. reply

    Does this kit move the wheel out farther and if it does by how much?

  7. i believe it doesn't. You use your existing stock spindles from a 65-66 mustang. check out his web site and where I got the kit from.
  8. I installed the mustang steve cobra brake kit on a customers car and it looks really good. the adapters are only there for the caliper mounts, the only difference is the thickness of the rotor vs the thickness of the drum which isn't anything to be concerned with.
  9. thanks for the info 12sec67....
  10. What about the brake booster, does the stock work on this, I would think they do not.
  11. thanks for the info

    Thank you for the information. I really like the brakes but it looks like I would be limited in my wheel selection due to where the caliper is in relation to the wheel mounting suface. All of the cars that have this brake conversion are using late model wheels.
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