New Mustang Steering Product

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  1. Didn't take any photos of it as it wasn't even close. With the box properly lined up to the column, the Z-bar crosses right over the top of the casting where the hoses enter the box. There wasn't any room for a fitting. I am sure one can (and will) modify the Z-bar to make it fit. This is possible but not something we as a manufacturer would really want to provide any instruction or guidance on.

    Thanks, Jeff
  2. what type if fittings are on the box im intrested in the box but have access to hose building equipment so i hate to buy hoeses that i can make
  3. The fittings are 16MM flare fittings for both the pressure and return lines.
  4. good that shouldnt be hard to find
  5. This is GREAT news.
    I have 2 cars, both of which I haven't been driving because of the steering.
    I was ready to spend the money this winter to swap in rack and pinions, boy I'm glad I waited!! I,ve been saying for years what a retarded P/S setup these cars have, I wish they had a box like the GM cars have..(corvette excluded)

    When are thes available?
    I have :
    1966 vert with the 289/auto p/s.
    1969 Mach1 351C/auto p/s.

    Thanks....I'm so happy I could kiss you guys!!!:rolleyes:
  6. Boxes are in stock and presently shipping. We offer both configurations you will need. 1" Sector for the '66 and a 1-1/8" for the 69. On a side note we fixed the 63-82 Corvette problem with a new box this year as well.

    Thanks, Jeff
  7. Will be buying the complete PS setup this week

    This set up is what I was looking for.
    I plan to order the complete kit including Saginaw pump from Jegs this week and update the board on fit and clearance.
    It will be installed in a 69" Mustang fastback,351w,automatic,non power steeering car. Hooker headers.

    I spoke with Gil and got the part numbers for my application. Summit does not carry the parts

    Gil Evans
    Borgeson Universal Co.
    91 Technology Park Dr.
    Torrington, CT 06790


    Placed order tonight from Jegs Box in stock all other pieces(hose,coupler,saginaw) 4 day delay

  8. i have a question concerning the mustang and corvette boxes. basically i was wondering if the mustang box could be upgraded with the same 12.7:1 ratio as the vette box? they both appear to be based on a late model delphi 600 series box and i know the vette box, is the mustang box also based on the delphi 600 series box? any ratio that is better than the stock 15:1 on the mustang box would be great and i noticed your conversion box for the mustang still has the stock 15:1 ratio. is it even possible to change the ratio on your conversion box?
  9. With the core we are using for this conversion box changing the ratio is not possible. Internally the box is 4 turns lock-to-lock however on the car running bump stop to bump stop is only 3-1/2 to 3-3/4 turns.
  10. bummer, i was hoping we would have an option of a quicker ratio like at least in the 13:1 ratio or so. i like to be able to change lanes with a flick of the wrist...LOL, but thanks for replying so quickly
  11. Where do I get the form

    I got my Conversion box from Jegs today but no paperwork inside for core return
  12. Should be the bottom half of Pg. 2 of the instructions. Let me know if you did not receive the instructions and I can e-mail you a set. Thanks and we look forward to your feedback on the conversion.
  13. Pics of PS box


    No instructions in box you can send it to [email protected]

    The washer marks in 3rd pic makes it look like it was mounted previously

    Will this clear Hooker headers?

  14. Emailed you the instructions. Washer marks are from being mounted to our test stand. Every box will have these as all products are tested 100% before they leave our building. The box should clear your Hooker headers. Please keep us posted on your progress.

  15. thanks for the box instructions

    Everything fit well. Box clears the Hooker Competition headers. I got the 1/2 rag joint,hoses and PS pump with brackets today.

    No instructions with the PS pump and bracket kit.
    Hose rouitng instructions would also be helpful even though it will be figured out.

    The PS pump came wet with red fluid(tranny fluid/PS fluid) I assume it's residue from testing



  16. Working on the instructions for the pump kit. Pretty simple install. Long stud goes into the head, two adjuster bracket bolts in to the water pump.

    There are arrows cast into the steering box indicating pressure and return.

    Pump is wet from testing, we try to drain most of it out before shipping, however it hides pretty well and we all know UPS is not gentle.

    Install looks great, looks like you had plenty of room around your headers.

    Thanks, Jeff
  17. Jeff

    Will this PS set up work with a 351w car that has factory Air? Is the location and mounting points of the Borgeson PS pump the same as the factory PS pump location?

  18. The pump kit is intended for use with a 289/302. We do have available a separate piece to adapt it to a 351w. Please give me a call or email if you need to order that.

    Thanks, Jeff
  19. tn_001.jpg




    Mounted the pump.