New Mustang Steering Product

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  1. Jeff:

    I've been following the release of this product and I am very interested in doing this modification to my '65 Fastback. I'd also like to install a '68 style steering column and rag joint, to get the benefit of the "collapsible" steering column. I see that the column must be shortened; can you give me a brief description of how that is done (the inner shaft, the outer housing, both, where)? Also, would the 1" or 1 1/8" sector box be better suited to the '65 (with '68 column) - or does it matter? I believe I can get a pitman arm for either shaft size that will work with my '65 V8 manual linkage.

    One other thing... I see that Summit Racing is listing some of these boxes as "refurbished" - can you shed some light on that?
  2. 1) Shortening the column. In a 1968 car it is only necessary to collapse the inner column shaft by tapping on the rag joint flange the inner column shaft will collapse in on itself. There is no need to cut anything. I cannot speak for how this column would mount in a 1965.
    2) Get the 1" sector box for your 1965. The boxes are identical on the column side and choosing the 1965 1" sector will prevent confusion down the road.
    3) The boxes should be listed as re-manufactured as they are a re-manufactured modern power steering box. Refurbished may just be summits way of classifying the re-manufactured products.

  3. Thanks for the response, Jeff; this looks like a very nice product.
  4. Borgeson steering with Shelby Pitman arm ?

    My '66 Mustang GT has factory manual steering. With that factory manual steering box I've installed the Shelby pitman arm and a matching rollerised idler arm.

    I intend to replace the manual steering box with the Borgeson conversion. Is there any reason why I can't use the Shelby pitman arm and idler arm combo when I install the Borgeson power steering kit - or do I need to go back to the standard manual steering Mustang ptiman/idler arm combo ?

  5. No reason to switch it our box will fit just fine and has the same 1" splined shaft.
  6. I just had one put in. Myself and pro funny car builder/racer went through a lot of pain putting it together in a 1965 coupe v8. Ask about and I will tell you more.
  7. Ok - I'm asking. What caused the pain ?