Odometer Fraud, Title washing & forged signature, bill of sale forged notary and repair questions

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  1. Deleted... Keeping it for myself and making it my own project!
  2. Nice car. Congrats on the purchase. :)

    As far as power go ahead and throw a Kenne Bell supercharger on top and call er good.
  3. Contact the distric attorney office and file a police report. Those are all serious crimes.

    Also start a civil case against him it only cost $30 to file it do it yourself you do not need a lawyer.
  4. @ team ford did you read the post my god. Op that sucks to hear I hope you get this worked out
  5. +1. As a Canadian I'm not versed well on US law but I suspect at least some of what transpired here could be felonies. Get the police involved.
  6. Thanks for your input guys and yea sorry it was soo long. I was trying to get you every detail I could for it to be accurate. I'll look into contacting the Nevada police tomorrow.
  7. Thanks but I'm not trying to keep the car. I'm trying to have him meet me and give my money back and take the car back. I rather buy a different mustang with lower miles.
  8. I would be highly suprised if. Anything ends up happening to this guy and even more suprised if you ever recoup any monies. Do you have his correct name and address ?

    As far as a lawyer taking on the case , again its highly doubtful as there is nothing in it for a lawyer, you have loss but not very much IMHO ,maybe a couple grand if even that. You should have done a little more homework on this car. Like the old saying goes "let the buyer beware". A carfax would have uncovered everything , although truth be told I prolly wouldn't have Either on a 5K car , but. I would look at the title before forking over any sizable cash. My advise FWIW move on with life. IT looks like a pretty solid car. I don't think you can get blood from a stone and this guy prolly has already spent the cash anyway. If its a little revenge you're after (and I wouldn't blame ya) then try going to the authorities. Good luck.

  9. He said "supposedly" his friend is flying to LA to give me my money back on Thursday and take the car back. Worst case scenario, if I'm stuck with the car, yes it's a nice car with really high miles.
  10. If the guy did tamper with the title and odometer it's a big deal.. Not to mention you have to show ID to pick up western union so I'm sure the info he has is correct
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    Yea. I was told police can get the time and location of where he picked it up and then check the cameras for his identity when he went to pick it up.
  12. Hopefully his friend does show up with the cash and then you can be a little more selective in your search, but if not like I said it ( at least cosmetically) looks solid.
    Miles are high but not dreadfully high for a 2002 MY. Does it shift ok ?
    Interior clean ?
  13. There's a lot of oil under there
  14. Yeah way too much oil, also you made it pretty easy for him to bend you over and do ya dry...

    The car looks good but def has mechanical issues. I say there is a 1% chance his friend will show up and give you back your money, that is probably a delay tactic. Do not delay the legal action. Even if you get your money back he has committed several crimes and it seems like he knows what he is doing so you are probably not the first.

    Be nice until it is time to stop being nice. And by the way it is time to stop being nice.
  15. Thanks man, your right. Why would he delay though? So you think if I'm stuck with this car, that its a good car anyways? The mach system works great as well. The top has a rip in the window and for some reason it goes down fine, but it won't go up at all. The motor makes a noise like it's trying to work...but nothing. You think this is a fluid issue? I checked the wiring and it's fine.
  16. He sold me the car with one quart of oil in it and the gas tank was on empty. We drove it back all the way to LA from Vegas with one quart and I didn't even realize it. It started making a knocking noise real bad and I brought it to my buddies mechanic and put 4 quarts in. Noise went away. Still lacks a little bit of power though...?

    Could that be the muffler? It makes a rattling noise and I feel like it's not getting the right airflow. Or just a tune up?
  17. Sounds like that car is shot. I would call the authorities immediately in both areas. And possibly an attorney
  18. Why do you think it sounds shot?
  19. It's leaking oil the top is ripped it's down on power has 186k drove however many miles with 1quart of oil holy hell
  20. Yea, I need to figure out why and where it's leaking. It doesn't leak now though, there's never a puddle or dripping, so it must be something he did to it beforehand. The top being ripped is minor because I wanted to get a new top anyways which is around $160. The loss of power I believe is from the muffler.