Odometer Fraud, Title washing & forged signature, bill of sale forged notary and repair questions

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  1. Just a suggestion. I wasn't trying to force you to date women. If your right hand is fine then that's good too. :D

    It looks like a nice car. I'd keep it as a work beater at least.
  2. Painting a white car black will be a pain to do it right. It'd be easier to sell it and find another. Black is a great color for a car but man is it hard to keep clean.

    My two Stangs


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  3. :lol:

  4. Niice! I like them, pretty bad ass.

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  5. Beautiful cars and you ain't just whistlin' Dixie about keeping black cars clean...

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  6. I've had two black cars before, I know how it is. But when the paint is fresh and waxed.... Wow does it look amazing! It's worth it for me, white is kinda fem in my opinion.
  7. I like this one

  8. Finally!! Got her smogged and registered! Bye bye Vegas plates and drama...

  9. Just cleaned the K&N filter and she runs exactly like she should now, no problems at all! Love this car!
  10. Could anybody tell what kind of mufflers I have on my car from my previous photos? It can't be stock, it's a little loud (which I like). I would greatly appreciate the input. I'm thinking flowmaster maybe, but which series?
  11. pics from under neither the car so we can see the mufflers would help.
  12. I don't have them anymore but I had posted them on this thread before. I was hoping whoever saw the pic, could tell me. I'm going to the mechanic today to have the brake pads replaced, I'll find out then.

  13. Yeah I thought you had them posted, but when I looked back through the thread, they were gone.
  14. I am glad you got your car problems solved.......................you sound like a guy who could use a bridge, and not just any bridge! I have the Brooklyn bridge that I will sell you. No Sh**..............I kid you not. Now in full disclosure I do not actually own the bridge, but I can sell the bridge to you for a good price. And no, the "mileage" has not been rolled back. It is a damn good bridge too, lot of history ect. PM me and I will make all of the arrangements.
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  15. ^^^^ bring it to the Shootout Ruben. I'll buy it. You can check my trader rating on Corral. LOL
  16. Car is SOLD! $4,400
  17. Haha very funny...
  18. Not sure who's the bigger dummy here, the OP, or me for sifting through 9 pages of this rubbish!