Odometer Fraud, Title washing & forged signature, bill of sale forged notary and repair questions

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by StangVertGT, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. The muffler shouldn't cause you a power loss
  2. re that muffler vid:

    Get a vid closer to the engine. It almost sounds like you may have either an exhaust leak at the manifold or, possibly, a blown-out spark plug.

    This latter potentiality may explain why the car feels down on power.

    Lift the hood and focus the cam on the coil-over-plugs (COPs).
  3. Oh ok. Why does the muffler sound like there's something clanking inside it and it seems like the muffler rattles too?
  4. The oil weeping out the back of the muffler may not be anything to worry about in and of itself.

    The spray pattern on the rear bumpstop hints at a pinion seal leak. If the housing is dry it might be worthwhile to remove the fill plug for the diff (front, top, driver's side 3/8" pipe plug) and check the fluid level.
  5. It's hard to be specific but it doesn't sound from that angle like there's a plug problem with the engine. If you have a leak it's further down, maybe at the exhaust manifold gasket.

    re the convertible top: I'm going to guess that if the motor is running but the top isn't moving you've got a hydraulic problem. Insufficient fluid, incorrect fluid, a fluid/pressure leak, bad pump etc.
  6. Looks like a new alternator and the brake fluid looks new.
  7. It looks like your losing a good amount of oil from the rear main seal or further up on the motor and its leaking down and blowing around
  8. Top pump is low on fluid. It takes hydraulic fluid. Rear leak is a pinion seal. Rear window I can't tell. What is it caught on? Opening the door should have no effect if the window is already down. It may be a weak motor.
  9. And the muffler has a loose baffle inside. Won't hurt anything. Probably a cheap knock off flow master. And is it worth keeping? You should have never bought a used Mustang if you didn't wanna spin some wrenches. That is all easy stuff.
  10. I thought it looked like he had a pinion seal leak as previously mentioned. as far as the car being low on oil it may have had close to 3 qts in the crankcase as opposed to 1 qt (as mentioned ) I mean these motors dont only hold 5 qts , mine holds close to 7 qts so if they added 4 qts it could of had close to 3 qts. He said its not knocking, right ? I just am trying to accentuate the positive in case he cant get his mony back, which I dont think is gonna happen. I guess it depends whether this car is supposed to be a daily driver or not. If it is to be a daily driver things are more upside down but not completely out of hand .
  11. stangvert gt,
    hang in there buddy, youre not the first one something like this has happened to.
  12. The body looks nice. Its a toy. PLAY. If it blows up (I see no indication it will anytime soon), put a motor in it. Very few cars on here would win a prize for low miles and nobody cares. Especially on a vert. It will always bring good cash should you decide to sell it as long as you keep the progress toward nice and not trashed. That car is darn clean for the miles.
  13. I also don't think it has much of an engine oil leak either. It is darkened up front but not wet. If you really want to see make sure the oil is full, track the miles and keep a check for a bit. Also to clean the oil darkening off underneath spray it to death with brake parts cleaner and let it air dry. (don't do it screaming hot) Then see what leaks. A little oil makes a big mess. It looks wonderful to me.
  14. I definitely appreciate your concern, thank you. The mechanic said it had 1 quart left. Yes, the knocking noise did go away once I filled it up with oil, thank god. That noise was soo loud and obnoxious. Yes, this is my only car and daily driver for the most part. To and from auditions, gigs, etc....
  15. Thanks man!
  16. i don't think it matters what it all needs to get fixed. if the title has been altered and forged and you try to pass it i do believe you too are guilty of a crime. then, if by some weird chance, you do pass it and have it titled when you turn around and sell it you recreate the process and are again guilty of a crime. that thing needs to go bye bye.

    don't drop a dime or turn a wrench till you figure out the legal problem first.
  17. Your best bet would be to get out from under it immediately
  18. right on. it is a legal mess and the damn thing needs work to. time to ship it on back. i would call the seller and tell them you are going to the police, let them start offering to get it off your hands instead of you worrying about it.
  19. ok... so he sold it to this douche and never signed the title himself? or was the car stolen? everything about this, including the owner you contacted, is just wrong. and if the guy that sold it to you never put his name on the title then it is a short sale too! i would have pd run the vin to see if it was ever reported stolen or recovered from a theft and sold for parts.
  20. He bought it from let's say Joe, two months ago. He never put his name on the title, instead he forged joes name and made it look like Joe was the "1 owner". If he signed, it would trace back to him and then it wouldn't sell as a one owner car with "low miles".

    I contacted the guy "Joe" who's name was on the front and back of the title and google his apartment complex and talk to the owner and he had him call me back. Then I talked to him and he had no idea this guy forged his name and switched the front plate to the rear. "Joe" said he sold the car to this a**hole for $3,500. He says the guy was buying it for his "18 yr old son". Another bs lie. So two months later I buy it from a**hole for $5k cash.

    He rolled back the odometer from 184k miles to 84k miles and sold it as a "ONE OWNER", "LOW MILE CAR". It looks new cosmetic wise, so it's was easily believable until you start searching for bs like title washing.