Odometer Fraud, Title washing & forged signature, bill of sale forged notary and repair questions

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  1. no he wouldn't. he never sold you anything and is not responsible in the least bit. he is an interested party in all this, but owes you nothing.

  2. You guys aren't hearing me. The "cool guy" is the legal owner on the front of the title. He sold the mustang to a**hole guy for $3,500. Then that guy never registered it, never signed the title. He kept the car and immediately sold it two months later to me. The legal owner on the title didn't know that a**hole guy forged his information from the printed front of the title to the back part. And forged his signature as well.

    I saw the guys information on the title and looked him up on the Internet and called him. He's going to the police today because that a**hole forged his information on the title. I said he's cool because he said he'd work with me to bring this a**hole down and put him in jail.

    I also said if I "CAN'T" get my money back, then the legal owner of the title before it got into this guys hands, would get me a new title with the real mileage not tampered with. A**hole was given a real title with the real mileage of 158k. He's the one that tampered with it in order to sell it as a low mile car. Me and this other guy are working together to put this guy in jail! Get it now?
  3. If it were that simple, I would have done it by now. I told you guys, supposedly his friend is flying in to LAX on Thursday with my money and I'm giving the car back. "Supposedly". How will I know that it's not counterfeit if this does happen? If he doesn't show, then yea I'm stuck with the car and will have no choice but to do best with it.
  4. Yea. Worst case scenario "Joe" said he would go to the DMV with me and sort this all out.
  5. You are on the right track. Nail the bastard!
  6. Exactly! That's what I'm trying to say. The only thing that guy is involved legally in this is paying for the car, that's it. He chose not to sign the title, so that's his fault.
  7. That's what I'm telling you! "Joe" is on my side! I told him that the punk he sold the car to forged his name on the title and tampered with the miles on the title. That's identity theft and now he knows and is going to the police about it.
  8. The guy rolled the odometer and erased the correct mileage from the title. I would be on the phone with the PD ASAP being its Monday morning
  9. I'm not saying he "owes me". I'm saying we talked and he said he will help me figure this mess out and make it legal for me, if I'm "stuck" with the car. That's why I said he's a nice, cool guy.
  10. I am. Just woke up, calling the police in a couple minutes.
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  11. you already have your mind made up on what your going to do. if douche gives your money back and takes the car then chalk it up to experience. the rest of your "ideas" for title are illegal, regardless of how you cover the tracks. do as you will, but remember you have posted the entire story on a forum board and two other people are involved that owe you nothing. while it may never come up you will always have to wonder if it will.
  12. figure of speech, he wants this to go away too. but in the end he really has no responsibility in the matter. and you're gonna need his help sounds like
  13. Basically ALL the people that this a**hile forged signatures of, I looked them up and let them know. Now they are on my side against this tool, to do whatever we can to bring this guy down and put his a** in jail! I figured the police wouldn't listen to just me but if people are upset about their identity being stolen, maybe they will listen then?
  14. they will listen, so will the secretary of states office. don't forget about them
  15. It's the law they have to listen. Call the state attorney general where you bought the car
  16. Trust me I know that. But seeing I told him his information was forged, he wants to get back at this guy and obviously feels bad for me. It was his wife's car, she's coming to LA in a couple weeks and said if I end up stuck with the car, they'd like to help me out and get it legal for me.
  17. Start with the police department of the city you bought it in.. A local lawyer for consultation and the states attorney Generals office where you purchased the car
  18. Why can't you call the police something isn't adding up here. Why waste more money
  19. Because I'm trying to get my money back first. I figure if anything, I bring the car to him then it will be easier to meet me and give me back my money. If he doesn't meet me then I have the car to "show" the police on the spot.
  20. I'd give the cops the heads up now that way it's on the up and up