Odometer Fraud, Title washing & forged signature, bill of sale forged notary and repair questions

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  1. Ask for a supervisor it really is that easy I've dealt with this bull:poo: before when someone tried to jump a car I sold them
  2. Ok well there's no more jumping of cars. "Joe" legally did sign the back of the title. So the only illegal thing that was done to the title was the mileage being tampered with.
  3. The only illegal signatures made were on the bill of sale. He forged "Joe" and the Notary woman's signature. That's it. So the illegal document is the bill of sale.
  4. The title was jumped there's no way around it. I gave you all the keys and you won't open the locks.
  5. I offered him a proposition that he can't refuse. I told him "If you have your friend fly to LA to give me my money back and take the car back, then I will hand you over the title and bill of sale which is the ONLY illegal document and you can trash it". He said "Let me think about it for a couple days and I'll get back to you". That way he's covered and I get my money back. I think that's a good proposition don't you?
  6. How is the title jumped? I don't think your fully reading what I write. The owner on the front of the title DID legally sign the back of the title as well. If it was never registered after, how was the title jumped? I now have the title which means I would be the one to sign the back of the title next but I'm not.
  7. The title was never in his name when he sold you the car that is title jumping
  8. And the title and odometer are both illegal
  9. Your really not listening and it's starting to get very frustrating. I told you I talked to the cops on the phone and they said they can't put him in jail for "Odometer Rollback Fraud". They said they could put him in jail for forging someone's signature on the back of the title to illegally sell the car.

    Now finding out from the previous owners wife, her husband did in fact sign the back of the title. So he legally signed it over to the creep and the creep never signed it below him. So instead he turned around and sold the car. I think "The Creep" was upset that the car had more issues than he expected and was told about and no longer wanted the car. So he didn't want to lose out on the $3,500 he spent to buy the car and he couldn't get that amount back with the high mileage it had, so he changed the mileage and made it look like it was a one owner car.

    He sold it as that in order to make back his money he spent and more. I don't think he does this as a financial income. I think this was a one time thing but you never know, I could be wrong... Anyways, he's thinking about my proposition and he said he'll let me know in a couple days.
  10. Oh ok, sorry. I get what your saying now.
  11. Yes, they are. So if he gives me my money back, this becomes his problem and no longer mine. I pray to god he changes his mind and gives me my money back. Then I'll be in the search for a new mustang gt convertible 5spd and definitely get the car fax, test the car out, have a mechanic look at it, etc... Trust me, I've learned my lesson from all this and I hope this is a lesson to everyone else.
  12. I'm listening to what your saying and if you read the link your see odometer tampering is a federal issue the guy jumped the title and erased the correct mileage on the title before selling it to you. He can go to jail for the felony and the forgery and fraud and conspiracy to commit fraud
  13. Just have to stay positive and be thankful that he's answering my calls and responding back. There's a silver lining to this, I can feel it.
  14. I'm understanding now what your saying but I'm just relaying to you what I was told from the officer. I can't force him to do anything he doesn't or won't do.
  15. I dont see how anyone can say there was title jumping. The guy bought a car that the previous owner signed in the appropriate space , just because the guy never had the car titled in his name and subsequently sold the car, how did he jump the title. and the other things ,erasing correct mileage and supposedly forgery, I just dont see how he can be prosecuted for that, why couldnt he just turn around and say it (the title) was like that ?
    Thats probably what he is contemplating doing. I hope for your sake that he takes it back, but I seriously doubt it.
  16. That's what title jumping is. I posted links all of which explain everything
  17. Ok I've read through all of this and let me say the following, and yes this is an area I am familiar with. First you need to file a police report. The police may not get directly involved, but you have the legal right to file the report and take that to a lawyer to get the ball rolling. The title to a car is a legal government document of the car. Any alteration not done by the DMV is a violation of federal law and is subject to a $10000 fine and 5 years in prison. Whether or not the person selling you the car committed the act or not, he is the seller of the car with the illegal action and is there for liable. Odometer fraud is a felony. It's going to be harry for a minute, but it'll work out eventually. Though to make things easier I hope he just gives you the money back and takes the car, but I seriously doubt that......
  18. Here's the final result....

    I'm F*cked! The Vegas DMV Police said there's nothing they can do :bs: . The bill of sale is only needed if there's too many owners on the back of the title, which is clearly not the case here. So it's non existent involving this case.

    So the only thing left is the title which is legally filled out on the back but tampered with on the front. So as of now "this title" is invalid :ban: . They said it's now considered a "civil case" as ALL cases that cops don't want to deal with and honestly I don't feel like dealing with attorney costs, time, etc... Plus, who do I go after? "Paul Ross" or "Mario Miranda"? Who's to even say one of those is his real name "I highly doubt it" :fuss: .

    So at this point, this a**hole gets away scot free. I'm sure a lot of karma will follow him into his future :nice: . So my actions at this point is to get a valid title from the previous owner and then either keep the car and fix the problems it has or keep it an swap out the engine with a better one than the 4.6L. I'm going to the mechanic tomorrow and he's going to do a thorough check of all the problems and let me know what's wrong. I'll keep you posted on that end.

    I made another thread regarding the engine swap. Thanks for all your help, advice, time, etc... Sorry we couldn't have gotten a better outcome. Now I just need to chalk it up.
  19. Welcome to the New America where criminals don't have to worry about what they do. Anyway sorry for what you've been through. As much as you dont need to here it right now, about $3-$4k if the motor isn't shot after the whole 1qrt of oil inccident. if it is, $2500 probably.
  20. Yea I know right, that's how it seems these days. The world is just getting worse and worse by the day with criminals, murders, etc... They don't learn their lesson. They go to jail and make more connections in jail and then get out and don't care about going back in.