Odometer Fraud, Title washing & forged signature, bill of sale forged notary and repair questions

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  1. Just got off the phone with the police. They said this is a concern for the DMV not them. They said he can be put in jail for title washing and forging a signature to sell the car illegally.

    I also got in contact with the notary woman and she said she no longer works there and she didn't sign any notaries this year. So he forged her signature as well. She's going to the Secretary of State about this.
  2. Call the DMV then
  3. I wouldnt be driving the car if its not registered in your name. Not worth taking the chance if you get pulled over or worse in an accident....then you're in an even bigger mess
  4. I haven't even got insurance on it, tried to register it or anything. The previous owner lives in Nevada and she's going to the DMV tomorrow about this. So I guess we'll find out more then... ; / This F'n sucks!
  5. I am done posting in this stupid thread you can lead a moran to knowledge but you cannot make him think.
  6. What are you getting worked up about? I called the police and they don't care, they said it's a DMV matter. I called the DMV and they said it's a private seller matter. So the woman who sold him the car in the first place, is the wife of the guy on the title. It was her car. So she's going to the DMV tomorrow. There's nothing else I can do. Just be glad this isn't your life because I'm stressed the f*ck out over this! I may have just lost $5k in minutes.
  7. If it were me, I would first try to get the guy to buy it back but I wouldnt drive to vegas, I would wait for his buddy to maybe come out. If he doesnt show then driving there would be a waste plus you cant legally drive it to vegas. If he doesnt show I would get the original owner to put in for a new title, as if they lost the title but if you go that route you need to type a document up stating what has happened and as soon as they get the title they are going to transact the car to you, you guys could do it for like a dollar, cause if you ask me they are still the legal owners. It seems to me this other guy (creep) is basically just hearsay from a legal standpoint. Oh and make sure they sign the document you type up, prolly best off to do it in the presence of a notary.

    I remember when I bought my first car, well actually it was a ford van, anyway it looked great but it ended up that it was a flood car and had extensive rust throught, but there wasnt much I could do " caviat emptor"
  8. No offers. He refuses to give my money back. Why would he?

  9. I couldn't agree more. There's no more Vegas trip and his buddy isn't coming out as of now. He knows all that we know now. The notary woman is contacting the Secretary of State about her signature being forged as well and using an expired fraud notary.
  10. forget getting the creep to buy it back, trust me he's not gonna do it. he is not scared of getting into trouble and he wont go to jail even if you could make it stick. it seems to me its a civil matter. get the original owner to get you a good title.
  11. Cops don't even want to get involved. As usual, good for nothing cops. They said it's a DMV issue.
  12. I completely agree with you on that.
  13. Yea. I hope your wrong but I have a feeling you might be right. He wouldn't take back this problem and be stuck trying to get rid of it again.

    I called the ford dealer he went to, to have work done on it and they said he reported that the car wouldn't start. I assume that's from him messing with the odometer/check engine light? The security system locked the car up I guess? So he paid them $318 to have the car start again. I got his first and last name from the dealer too. Lets just say it's not the one he gave me and the name that was on his ID.
  14. Your story is starting to reek of bull:poo:
  15. Dude, what are you talking about? You think I'm making all this up? Your crazy! You guys think it's so easy to get the police involved and to return the car and get your money back.... News flash, IT'S NOT! The cops see it as a civil matter, there's no dealership involved. Getting my money back, no chance in hell... he knew what he was doing and what he was getting rid of, why would he be willing to take it back?!? Use your head man
  16. Just talked to the Attorney General and they told me to contact the DMV. They gave me a number, I'm calling now...
  17. I reached a voicemail and left a message. Now I have to wait to hear back. I'll keep you posted
  18. NEWS UPDATE: The previous owner was confused and realized that her husband DID fill out the back of the title. So that part is LEGIT. So the ONLY thing he did to the title was tamper with the mileage.

    BUT.... He DID forge her husbands name on the bill of sale and the notary is expired and forged her name as well. So the bill of sale is Illegal and Forged. Which I think is more bad news for me because now I have less to work against him.
  19. You obviously don't understand cops. They don't like to "deal with peoples problems". I contacted the police the very next day I drove the car back to LA. You act like it's so easy but really it's not. It's a process and much more.