Odometer Fraud, Title washing & forged signature, bill of sale forged notary and repair questions

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  1. "Joe" sold the car and had a new title with no owners on the back. So this douche forged the guys name who sold him the car and told me it was "his fathers name". He also got a bill of sale notarized from the DMV and forged his name on that document as well. It even looks like the notary signature was forged too.

  2. gotcha, this is going to be interesting and suck all at the same time. keep us posted.
  3. This was the ad a**hole had posted. Haha even though he only paid $3,500. He's trying to get $6,500 lmao some people.

    You can see on the title that was given to him, that there's supposed to be a "1" before the 58 and he made sure to erase that in order to sell it as low miles. What a piece of sh*t.

  4. Will do JC! Thanks Gearhead I'll do that, I appreciate the tip.
  5. you have his phone number. done deal. cops can do a lot with that.
  6. But it's a cell phone number? I recorded a conversation we had on the phone too about giving the car back and getting my money. I found a free iPhone app that does that lol. He answers when I call, he's not ignoring my calls or anything like that yet.
  7. does not matter. police can track you within a few yards with cell phone signal when it bounces towers. plus cell companies have an understanding with law enforcement, they will spill the info.
  8. Solid information. Thanks man, I greatly appreciate this and ALL OF YOU who took the time to read the monologue lol. Thank you!
  9. Food for thought technically its not your car yet it's the guys name who is on the title. I wouldn't drive it start it or do any work on it
  10. It's called title jumping and is illegal
  11. It's not though because this is the guy who's on the front of the title. He would basically have to do the transaction as if I bought the car from him instead.
  12. I would ask the seller who sold it to you to make good on it first. I would notify everyone I could to get my money back. If I'm paying more than 3k for a car I want it as described not 185k car that the odometer was rolled back on.
  13. I got that my point being he lied you paid for an 85k car and got 185k car that is probably work out engine wise. It's coming off like your just gonna get a proper title from the guy on the title and be done
  14. Plus with a messed up title the car cannot be sold by you or licensed or insured return it and get your money back it is as simple as that.
  15. Exactly what everyone has been trying to tell you. This is a legal MESS and the only one who is screwed right now is YOU! This " cool guy" broke laws and f'd you. I really don't think you understand the situation. You can NEVER legally drive, plate or sell that car. Perhaps the guy who had his name forged can straighten it out but the legal ownership stops with him. You sir have a mess on your hands.
  16. once again, illegal...
    then you two will be guilty of title jumping
  17. actually the more I think about it, this guy joe may actually be liable from a legal standpoint as in most states it is the owners responsibility to make sure the car is transferred out of his/her name. just like if you drove the car and had a catastropic accident joe could be sued for any damages incurred, the guy you bought it from may not be liable in that case since he was never technically an owner, nor are you thus far.

    So I would explore having joe buy back the car as he is still legally the owner. It would be screwing him but he screwed up by not getting it out of his name. There is a lot of culpability floating around on this. on the other hand If you wanted to IMO get this thing legal in your name this guy joe is the key, I thing he would have to go with you to the DMV and explain the situation. I do think the creep who sold you the car coud have legal implications as well but not the same as "joe". but I definetly am not a lawer so take it all with a grain of salt its just my opine.
  18. Well maybe not, as previously stated the creep never legally owned the car its as if he never existed. At least it seems that way to me. Prolly best to consult a lawyer at this point. just call around and ask for a free consultation.
  19. actually, yes he did. he is an owner as he completed a purchase of the vehicle and until his "after the sale" actions that sale was legal. it is the buyers responsibility to assign the title to their name, not the sellers in a non dealer auto sale. any attempt to make the douche that sold him the vehicle disappear and only use the original owner as the seller is just as illegal as what is going on now. "Joe" sold the vehicle legally and in good faith, you can't touch him. Although he is probably a person i would want on my side through this whole ordeal as he can vouch for the sale and probably will save the new owner in the end if this has to go to court (which i doubt it will).

    We all seem to be forgetting that there is a registered legal document involved now that shows the illegality of the whole thing. That is not going to go away regardless of what private individuals decide to do. You have a totally screwed up title with mileage changed, signatures forged and an owner missing. You have a vehicle with a tampered odometer. This is not an easy fix if done legally.
  20. past all the opinions and what have you, if you don't do things 100% by the book all the way through you may find yourself in some legal trouble. Time to speak to the police and go from there. A lawyer may be needed down the road, but usually these turds will avoid police action at all costs if you threaten it.