Orderd 2011 Mustang GT 9.5 weeks ago. No vin yet.

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  1. Orderd 2011 Mustang GT 18 weeks ago. No car yet.

    Im pretty upset to say the least. I orderd this car nearly 10 weeks ago with an expected delivary date of 8-10 weeks from order. I talked to the dealer about a week ago and he said its not even on the build sheet yet.

    I still havent gotten a vin for the car.

    Sorry guys just frustrated.
  2. supply is low and demand is high man. there are quite a few guys who waited a lot longer than they planned and in most cases, there's nothing the dealership can do.

    delays on the factory line and stuff like that can cause unpredicted longer waiting time.

    It's one of the unfortunate side effects of having something or trying to get something that is in such high demand right now.
  3. Any idea how long its been taking for people to get there custom orderd stangs? 12-14wks or what
  4. It will be worth the wait.
  5. Im sure it will be, but that doesnt change the fact that i need it now. Im driving to denver colorado for my inlaws wedding.

    I kinda need something a bit more reliable than my 94 f150 (212xxx miles) my 99 F150 (210xxx) and my 98 Taurus (with 160xxx)

    Id drive my 99 with out thinking about it. But the wife is worried about gas miliage and putting miles on my good truck. ( the 99 is my toy, i wont ever get rid of it hahaha) So we bought a new car finally expecting it to be here.

    Guess i will have to rent a car. Im hoping if i badger my dealer they will give me something to drive.
  6. man I feel your pain. I ordered mine 5 weeks ago and no VIN yet either.. I am in MA where are you?
    It is incredable how little the deallers know or will tell you about delivery. They are even unwilling to tell me when the last car they got in was ordered. Oh well at least it on order....I think
  7. Burns331,

    I feel your pain. It's been 8-weeks since I ordered mine. Got a call from my dealership today & got my VIN#. Also found out my original salesman is no longer with the dealership(don't know why) but that the terms of our deal will remain in effect. On the plus side, they say my car will be here anytime between now & next Saturday(crosses fingers). Just be patient, it's all you can really do. From what I've read on other posts, it seems dealers don't seem to know a whole lot about delivery dates. Apparently the factory gives them an estimated time of delivery, but that's all it is.....an estimate. Hope you get yours soon.
  8. Maybe they are fixing the "tick" in the engine?
  9. WAT?

    Edit: Oh LAWD....
  10. Ordered my GT/CS around 5 weeks ago, no VIN# yet, salesman told me yesterday that another customer that ordered their car a week after mine had theirs built last week. I more or less told my salesman WTF!, he stated that his salesmanager jumped all over their ford rep because of this and was trying to get an explanation, as of yet I have not recieved a explanation. Oh well guess I'll have to wait till Oct. when I get back from a business trip to get mine it seems, this is quite frustrating but I know it will be worth the wait.
  11. You might ask your dealer if he even has an allocation for the 2011 Mustang. If the dealer has used all his current allocations, your order will not be accepted untill he gets some new allocations. I ordered mine 8/9, the order was accepted 8/12, received VIN 8/13, scheduled build week 8/17, scheduled build day 8/20, sent to plant 8/27, window sticker showed up 8/28, ETA to dealer 9/14. My actual build date is 9/2. You might also check to see what priority number your dealer assigned to the order. He can assign a 10 thru 98 I believe. 10 is the highest. Did you get a DORA(dealer order receipt acknowledgement) when your car was ordered? This is available as soon as the dealer punches the final button for the order. There is lot a dealer can do to find out what is going on. Most of them just don't want to do it.
  12. mine does not "tick".
  13. go to a dealer with them in stock.
  14. The dealers that did stock them didnt have anything like i wanted. Thats the beauty of custom ordering one.
  15. What!?!?! I ordered June 25, and still haven't been accepted yet. :bang:

    Congrats on how quick yours was built. You must have hit the right dealer at just the right time. I'm assuming this was a bigger dealer with a ton of allotment.
  16. My dealer has 30 in stock and just received 3 more. I checked on the 3 new ones, one built 8/19 and arrived 9/1, one built 8/24 and arrived 9/1, and the last built 8/24 and arrived 9/2. I really hope mine has the same time frame as these three did.
    On another note, he has a Daytona 500 pace car. It is just a GT/CS with a bunch of decals on it and about an extra $2K.
  17. Just got my VIN today. Its supposed to be built on the week of september 27th.

    So how long to ship again?...

    Only took them 16 weeks to build it.
  18. Mine was recieved at Ramp 51 at 16:45, 9/2, awaiting shipment. At 15:04 today, 9/10, it is still there awaiting shipment. Ford must be making plenty of money if they can afford to leave nearly $40,000 sitting at a loading ramp for over a week and counting. It will take an average of 10 days from the time it leaves the ramp untill it arrives in West Texas. That means it won't make my ETA of 9/17.
  19. Just ordered my 5.0 on 9/5. My salesman told me 4-6 weeks delivery. I actually believed him :rlaugh: Looks like Christmas if I'm lucky :notnice:
  20. It took me about 9 1/2 weeks from order to delivery, but I would also say I lucked out because mine was shipped on a truck from michigan to kentucky so none of this rail car delay that some people ran into.