Orderd 2011 Mustang GT 9.5 weeks ago. No vin yet.

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  1. well looks like you will get yours before me. My last update on my car was the 19th. It was in markham "marcam" yard ( what the operator said) in illinois.

    So who knows. Sheesh, im so sick of waiting.... its mentally frusterating. OH well hopefully its here soon and i can put this bad experiance behind me.
  2. Don't worry, you're getting close to delivery, and the wait is definitely worth it. Mine finally came in on Monday (5 weeks after build date, and 4 months to the day after order date. Unfortunately, I really haven't had a chance to drive it. Its been waiting out the 3 day storm that's literally been blowing through in the garage. Weather looks great this weekend though.

    I doesn't appear to be just a Mustang problem. I think Ford has a shipping problem in general right now. My salesman said something about some kind of driver's union strike during the summer, and that they still have a backlog of shipments. The owner of my dealer was calling Ford twice a day the last couple of weeks, and it wasn't just my car they wanted. When I picked mine up, their entire lot had a grand total of 8 new cars and SUVs (excluding F-150s). They were waiting on twice as many cars as they actually had.
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  4. Im not worried, and I know the car is worth having. I dont get the waiting part. How long do you wait for a vehicle before you go somewhere else? 2 months, 5 months, 1 yr. I dont know where that line is for sure, but i know if it was going to be another 2-3 months, i would tell them I was going somewhere else. I would probably just wait and but a new F-150.

    Anyways. no big deal.
  5. Mine is on the truck to the dealer tonight..pickup tomorrow. Ordered 9/11, built 10/14, picked up on 10/28..not too shabby.

  6. I am so excited to get my Mustang! It will be my first Mustang. Upgrading from a 92 Ford Escort GT - what a difference it will be. Ordered on 10/8, got the VIN on 10/27, but the window sticker site states that the VIN cannot be found. Talked with the dealer who said to give it a couple of days to show up. Hopefully will see the sticker soon. Looking forward to a great welcome home present after 1 year in Iraq.

    2011 GT Premium
    Black with black interior
    19" bright alum wheels
    3.55 rear end
    Comfort package
    Electronics package
    Accessory Package #4
    Over the top stripe - black
    Security package
  7. Well on monday it will be 22 weeks. I called ford today, and the car is still on ramp 73 in markham yard illinois. With an ETA of October 22.

    Wonder if i will make it to the 6 months mark. Anybody waited longer than me?
  8. 1 week till 6 months from order date. I called the dealer today and he said he just got off the phone with the area representitive. She told him theres nothing they can do about it. They can pull just one car from the train yard. The dealership told me they have 2 trucks sitting there to. He said it felt good to chew out the representitive. Im doubting he said anything to really motivate her though.

    Pffff im starting to regret this purchase, although i still really want the car. Deff torn in different directions over this entire deal.
  9. youll love it im telling you.
  10. U will appreciate it most because of how long u waited.
  11. I was told by ford customer service today that the cars order was recieved September 28, and It was built October 4th and left the plant. They said the car was built on time as far as it was concerned to them. I told the guy i orderd the car on June 14th? How was it being built on October 4th on time? He also said that once it leaves the plant it wasnt there problem basically. And to keep going back to my dealer for the most up todate info.

    Problem is the dealer doesnt know/ seem to care much. What do the representitives do? Who is above them? How can i find this info out?
  12. I contacted Ford CS again yesterday... They escalated my claim finally.... Supposed to get a call from some higher up that will be looking into my case.
  13. Write to the CEO or leave a complain on planetfeedback.com against Ford.
  14. Wow, I can't believe your car still hasn't been delivered. I ended up getting mine about a day or so after getting to the "someone higher up will call" stage.

    Don't let up. Keep as much heat on them as possible as often as possible, and try to get your dealer to do the same. My dealer was calling to complain to the rep twice a day for the last week before delivery. I'm convinced that they'll send someone to put in on a truck just to not have to hear from you again if bother them enough. At the very least, you'll feel better (I did, anyway:)).
  15. My 13 week baby

    I finally have my car!



    5.0 premi, glass roof, brembos, std 6-speed, 3.55, comfort, Just finishing corsa exhaust CS valance w/lights and ram air replacement hood.
  16. Well it arrieved at the dealership... It will be a few days till i can have it because they are doing the RP package to it. So hopefully Wednesday night i will be rolling in my 2011 Mustang GT 5.0.
  17. DUDE..Im almost as excited as you are. When you get the car that day, you will be SO GLAD it took so long (maybe) :rlaugh:

  18. ill tell you man, ive owned a lot of cars. several have 100hp or more than this. but when i drive this car it feels like SEX. i love to be seen in it. love the caddy's first, but this is a great car.

    and once you mod it, it rules. it can make as much power as most modern ferrari's. 450+hp is great from an all motor 25mpg car. and it loves 7000rpms.
  19. I only got to drive it for a bit last night, the dealership is doing the RP package, so i wont get it till wednesday. But boy did it move. I didnt get on it to hard, want to get a few hundred on it before i stretch her legs.

    I can deff tell it needs a tune though.. It takes a bit for it to downshift two gears, the first is instant, but downshifting again is a bit of a wait.

    But i cant lie, I had a smile on my face the entire time i drove it. So mission accomplished. Thanks guys.
  20. What is RP Package?

    You got an Auto? Im having my CAI and SCTX3 Steeda Custom tune put in 3 weeks from Friday..Ill let you know how it goes.