"Paint your car for 50 bucks" I am going to try it.

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  1. So I have read all of the threads about painting your car w/ a can of rustoleum and I have to give it a shot.

    I have setup a website to document my progress and I will take lots of high quality photos so folks can get an idea of wether this will really work or not and what realistically should be the expected result.

    Here is the link:

    Sample results:
  2. There is a great article in this month's HOT ROD Magazine that details the process of painting a car with Rustoleum. I suggest you look it over.
  3. a friend of mine has painted several cars with krylon in cans, and the results are rather good. it is labor intensive though, and you will use several cans before you are done.
  4. 50.00 paint

    the paint will not last in the sun very long, you buy 50.00 paint all you get is 50.00 paint
  5. Hoping that won't be an issue. I keep the car in the garage and only drive it a few times a year. no AC and I am in Texas so there are only about 3 or 4 weeks a year it is really comfortable to have out.

    And just to clarify... It's $7.00 paint :)
  6. If you subsitute the rustolium for Brightside Marine paint, it should last much longer. Brightside is made for boats so it has teflon and a UV protector in it. Another nice thing is that it is self leveling so it minimizes the orange peal. If it works for boats it is a cheap alternative for an everyday driver that will look good from a few feet away and last a decent ammount of time.
  7. I looked at the page on your website and that computer side panel looks like it came out with a high gloss on it - glossier than I would have imagined.

    Are you able to put a clear over the rust-o-leum?
  8. actually my friends cars have two to three years on the paint, and they still look good. take care of the paint and it will last a reasonable period of time.
  9. I've been following the thread on moparts.com and there are at least a dozen people who have posted some impressive results and at least a dozen more with their paint jobs in process. Some with the Tremclad/Rustoleum paints and some with the Brightside boat paint.

    If you're faithful in taking care of the paint job, there's no reason it won't last. And it can be buffed back out if neglected or add a couple more coats. Most pre 80s cars have an enamal finish from the factory anyhow. Rustoleum industrial paint is and alkyd enamel and is made for prolonged exposure to the elements and runs about $35 - $45 a gallon.
  10. Heck, my daily driver was painted outside and then buffed so give it a shot.

  11. After I finish painting my garage... section by section... and throwing out some junk, I am going to try this on my 90'. Can't look any worse than flaking off clearcoat.
  12. Another good picture is the "light bulb test". Take a picture of a lit bulb's reflection using macro mode and see how well you can read the (obviously backwards) writing on it.
  13. wow it looks good so far. im looking forward to seeing more of this.
  14. Will do this tonight.

    More updates to come on the site this evening as I have wet sanded and and applied coat 1. I am doing coat 2 tonight.

    I am video taping the whole process. Once complete, I will post it somewhere.
    My goal is to see if this works, and make it as clear as possible via the web to others what to expect.
  15. I am actaully going to try this on my 90 Notch here in about two weeks once a get the rust spot taking care of and replace the bumpers.
  16. Can't wait for updates. That Corvair looked good in those pics but so did the rattlecan stripes, so I question the quality of the pics.
  17. Are you using the multi-purpose Gloss Brush on paint?
  18. Interesting...

    Question, when you prepped the panel did you sand to bare metal or just ruff it up evenly with the 220 grit paper?