Part III of my Turbocharged Mustang build.

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Brads Coupe, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. If all goes as planned, I'm hitting the dyno tomorrow nite.
  2. Atta boy, you show those new-fangled 4-bangers who's boss. Beat 'em at their own game!

  3. What power output are you hoping to see?

  4. Theoretically if I run 15psi it should double my NA HP which was 376HP, so 752HP. Take away 15% for drivetrain loss and you get 639rwhp.

    I would be happy with 600rwhp. This is on a Mustang Dyno.
  5. You need to get a bigger turbo on there Brad :D
  6. This setup looks better and better averytime I see it. :hail2: But, I do have a questions about the air intake filter. It seems a bit low. Is this a track only car? And if not, have you considered water getting in the intake on a rainy day?
  7. The car never see's rain. Just a weekend cruiser :)
  8. Lookin good... I'm not stopping 'till I have 1000 FWHP......I want to do a 427 out of a dart 9.5'' block, but I don't know if thats going to be too long of a stroke...and of course a T-76....

    What rpm are you seeing full boost with that "moderately sized" 67????
  9. First question... I don't see a mass air metter between the air filter and bypass input so does that mean you are using a blow through mass air? If this is so why did you waste all the trouble recirculating the air?

    Second, Your HP estimation is a little off. On the dyno you had no accessories, long tube headers, no restrictive exhaust, no restrictive air filter. So I would think you would be pretty lucky if you got the 600rwhp. I am hoping you get it though :)
  10. I guess about [email protected] wheels.

    Oh, and the reason you can't see his mass air meter is because he has a standalone ;)
  11. There is no MAF. I'm running a standalone system. I wasted no trouble with the bypass setup, the turbokit was designed that way, I chose the easy route instead of closing off lines and creating a setup for a BOV.

    So I'm running an ALT & a power steering pump, whats that 5-10HP.

    Last year I made 568rwhp on a Dynojet at 12psi. So roughly 500rwhp on Mustang Dyno. This was with a stock bottom end, stock TFS heads and Holley Intake.

    I've seen 20HP/psi gains, so add 60HP for that and easily 100HP more with the new 331 and you get 728rwhp on a dynojet or 634rwhp on a Mustang Dyno.

    But time will tell once I get a few bugs ironed out and hit the dyno.
  12. What stand alone are you using? Trying to do some research on which is the best one. aem, fast, hypertech....anymore i should look into?
  13. Just click on the link my signature. Everything on my car is listed there.
  14. Just something else i thought of with the power u're looking to get....if u have 2 cars with the exact same tranny/accessory setup but one has a 250hp at the flywheel motor and another has your 6-700hp motor....if u give it the 15% drivetrain loss then u're saying that the more powerful motor uses more energy to spin the exact same components. So is it right to give it a straight 15% anyway? I would think it would be a loss less than what 15% is......thoughts? :shrug:
  15. So I finally have some dyno numbers for the car. At 13.5lbs boost it made 556rwhp & 615ft/lbs TQ. We ran out of time to do a 15psi pull, the tires were getting so hot that they were starting to grease up.

    This on a Mustang Dyno, I plan on taking it to the other shop who has a Dynojet to make a few pulls there as well to see the difference. Roughly on a Dynojet it should make 628rwhp & 694ft/lbs TQ at the current settings.

  16. looks good brad :hail2:

    lets turn that boost up to 25 psi
  17. This is strictly a street car, pump gas only :nice:
  18. 615 lbs at only 3700!!! Your going to need some massive slicks!!! LOL
  19. Damn i've read every page in this thread! Very nice job and an awsome car and numbers! Whats the engine got you set back for (P.M Me i wont tell)? The place where you got the parts from do they sell 408 stroker kits? i went to there site and didnt see it. peace


  20. Yes, absolutely. I suggest you call their 1-800 number.