35th Anniv Picking one up tomorrow and bringing it home.

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  1. I like it were only as old as we feel. Today i feel it
  2. Here is a pic the day we picked it up at the car lot 1999 ford Mustang.jpg side,back view of d 1999 GT Ford Mustang.jpg
  3. Boy that is a great looking car....love the color combination. So have you noticed, that when you buy a convertible the weather goes down hill real fast...LOL
  4. Boy if that is not the truth, i have to keep things taken apart so the wife wont drive it till the weather gets nice LOL
  5. Looks like there are only 3 of us keeping this forum alive :sleep:
  6. Yeap, but then when you figure there were only 5,000 plus ever built. Then deduct the number that are no longer on the road due to age, accidents or being burnt to the ground my your son in law the number is bound to be much lower.

    Seems a number of people stop in to ask the production number of their 35th Anniversary Limited Edition and either get the production number and never return. Or find out that their 35th Anniversary Edition is not a Limited Edition car and go away.

    But, that's OK, we are 3 to be reckoned with....Right!
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  7. You have a very bright way of putting it by the looks of it there will only be 3 remaining L.E 's left
  8. There are still a few still out there, but I guess to say a full 1/3rd are probably wrecked, trashed or forgotten by now. The 35th "L.E." was virtually unknown when released in 1999. I happen to have seen the official brochure in mid '99 and loved it, not knowing I'd own one months later. Once the "Bullitt" was released then everyone wanted a "special" Mustang. Ford then went nuts with them and diluted the market.
    I have had the only one in my area for years and only a few have popped up here and there since.
  9. Well lets see, there were only 515 35th LE made in white and not all of those were convertibles. I have one, Michael mccarthy has one, there is one running around in the little town next to ours being driven by a young lady all of which are convertibles. All we need to hunt down is the remaining 512 in white. Time to get busy!!!!

    I actually got a sales booklet for the car from the seller when I picked up my car.
  10. I'm still here too !


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  11. I really like that color combination...LOL. I am kind of amazed that of all the colors the white was the smallest number produced in the 35th LE run. Yet, it is the color that I see the most today. Maybe it has to do with the fact that when it is clean, it is really clean and bright. Making it easy to see.

    I notice that you have the Mach 1 spoiler on yours. We added that to the silver LE we had, and I am still sitting on the fence as to adding it to my latest aquisition. I sure appreciate you having posted your photo.
  12. I wanted the chin spoiler when the Machs came out. I then heard alot of incidents where they tore it off. Changed my mind.
  13. I do kind of like the looks of the spoiler, I may go ahead and add one. I appreciate your having posted a photo to help make up my mind.

    I will have to make a mental note to self....don't pull up on a curb too close.
  14. I am still here also , busy with work , I have done some mods , also repaired some fac boo boos , The trunk Wiring, and the silver and black door inserts kept pooping out Bad design but carefully reworked and fit great now, was the Wiring harness in the window switch keeping it from fitting tight, Carefully moved it so it wont hit on the metal frame in the door panel ,sesqential tail lights and slow flasher , new floor mats , and inserts in the rear bumper , Was going to paint them in but Due to the bumper needing repaint decided this was best for now hopefully will get her out this weekend has not been out for 2 weeks take some pic and post Take Care all
  15. Which sequential tail light setup did you go with. Whole new light housing or the wire in harness. I remember doing the hard wire in harness setup on my old Mustang, don't remember it being a big pain to do, but then I am older and not as flexible as I was back in 1999 either...LOL!!!

    I use love driving this car. I mean it ain't no power demon, most people don't know a 35th LE from another stock Mustang. And I'm sure people who see me think why is that old man grinning from ear to ear as he rows through the gears on that old Mustang. For some reason it just feels right!!!
  16. I went with the plug and play lights and new flasher from raxiom, work good, i think they could have made it with the mod box in the trunk instead of hanging from the back of the light housing i just wish I could get some nice weather so i can go have a little fun :)
  17. Been pretty lucky down here the weather has been beautiful for top down driving. I picked up a Kawasaki Nomad a week after buying the Mustang, but the only seat time on the bike has been up the driveway once and back into the garage. Got a feeling the Kawasaki may be seeing a for sale sign very soon. The Mustang is too much of a pleasure to share seat time with the Nomad.
    I'll make you a deal, package up those sequential tail lights and sent them to me, and in return I will box up some beautiful Texas weather with plenty of sunshine and send it to you....sound like a plan?
  18. Just bought a set of sequential tail lights from American Muscle. They have both splice in and plug and play. I bought the plug and play with the slow flasher. Only problem is it won't get past 30 on the thermometer so I can't install them yet. :(
  19. Same thing i bought , the flasher you will find out will not mount in the holder but what i did is sneaky and worked, i left the old flasher in place in the holder and just sliped the new one with the harness to the old one or you can use velcro , the old flasher was fast the new one is still kinda fast but did slow it down , Jonrjen i would take you up on the offer but i am hoping the wetherman will be right this weekend Sun :)
  20. I found another car like ours, It is in Kitsap county washington he is a member of the kitsap mustang club ,Going to try and contact him ,So there is another white vert found