35th Anniv Picking one up tomorrow and bringing it home.

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  1. Bring him on board, we are growing in numbers by leaps and bounds...LOL!!!

    I ordered my new Ford Racing performance intake manifold today. Amazon had them priced at $188.99 with free delivery. Best price I have come across. My Mustang never had the intake manifold replaced so I figure it is only a matter of time before it cracks and I wanted to be prepared when and if it does. And even if it doesn't crack, I will go ahead and do the swap just for peace of mind.
  2. Wow 188 i am thinkig about doing that also since it is just about due for a major tune 61,ooo miles, since i have to go down and remove injectors and coils might as well replace that also, Get that out of the way .
  3. Keep an eye on the Amazon price, it seems to change often. When I first looked it was priced around $239 and a few days later it dropped to $188 only to bounce back and forth the following days.
    But, mine has shipped and should be here this coming week.
  4. I just Bought a Gift box set that they gave to the new owners paid 56 $ with shipping everything there in the box , I still looking for the Diecast Car ( Thats going to be hard ) and a new set of floor mats, Not going to pay 300 $ for them though, I did buy a rare Brochure from a Gentelman on ebay and it turned out he was the same Person doing the breakdown of the cars along time ago That another member had framed, I just wrote him to see if he still does this I am hoping he does, the printout that i seen from the other member had it detailed and it was Beautifull .. Got to actually drive it for a few the other day then got cloudy again and back in the Garage
  5. That was a excellent price on the "Owners set" I got part of the set when I bought this last LE including the convert model. We still have the complete set including the silver convert model car. So I am kind of complete...in a way.

    Did you ever find/buy a factory molded tonneau cover for your LE? Or are you going bare covered with the top down currently?

    I did get my new intake delivered via UPS earlier today, my alternator bracket should be here by weeks end....I'm getting closer to having a fun update the LE weekend.
  6. The "gift set" was nice to get, although the one I got from Ford 1st had a convertible instead of a hardtop. I called the number and they sent me another complete set with correct model. I still have it packaged up in storage. I did take the car our however and display it.
    The "Limited Edition" set is very rare these days.

  7. The day i got mine there was another on E Bay ,i was out bid on the first one I could have went higher but the one i got was mint shape with a buy it now instead of a bid and it was a few $ less than the one i was bidding on so i grabbed it , The set of floor mats that i did buy, the seller was doing some shaddy deals, the day i bought them he had great feedback a few days later looking for a tracking # i started to notice he was screwing a lot of people mutiple negitives, Ebay shut him down and refunded my money , i was dissapointed he had them advertised for 125$, There are mats avail but i am not going to spend the amount of money they are asking , there is a person in willmington N.C on Craigslist with a used set, Once bitten twice shy. hope all have a great Easter weekend !! We are going bare back for the time being ;)
  8. Oh and unfortunatly the gentelman with the other White vert from the kitsap mustang club From what i have seen on the web site Passed Away in 06 They Must have been old Pic, His son is a member of pierce county Mustang club He might still have the car, going to visit when the club comes out to play .
  9. I was hoping you guys that installed the sequential tail lights from American Muscle could help me. I had the chance to get my installed yesterday. One thing is bothering me. Mine don't seem to work like the video on the American Muscle website. I bought the plug in kit with the new flasher for under the dash. My question is for you guys that have installed these. Are you happy with the way they work on your cars and does it work like the website video? Any feed back will help.

  10. Yes mine work just like the website from American Muscle , What Problem are you having , The only thing i would have liked is that they were alot slower , The new flasher does slow it down but in my book it could be slower , I am going to do a little reasearch and see if the flasher is the same on the cobras if it is i just might use one from them, The other thing i do not like is the mod box is hanging in the tail light assy instead of inside the car . I do like when you hit the brakes they light seqential from inside bulb to out
  11. Mike

    Any way you could post a video of your lights? (I will try to post one of mine if I uncover it again this weekend.) I think they are still flashing to fast. Looks like bulb's two and three come on at the same time. On the website the is a noticeable lag between all the lights, even before the new flasher is installed.
  12. O.K. Crappy weather still in the garage but doing some custom lighting , I bought a pair of smoked crystal headlights and found a person that does custom O.E.M smoked Tailights to order Will be installing H.I.D ac 55 Watt Bulbs conversion to counter the the smoked lenz will post a few pic as soon as they are installed . Take care everyone
  13. Haven't posted here in forever, but there are probably a few 35th-ers that lurk like me. Glad to see folks still around!

    Funnily enough, I almost both the sequential tail kit from AM last week. That's likely the next thing for the stang.

    What amazes me is how few clean 1999-2004 GTs I see around Houston (not to mention 35ths, haven't seen one in over a year).