Pics Of Your Fox With Rims

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  1. gotcha! do you have pics of the motor out of the car with the twins installed? peace

  2. now now Marc not everyone in your area will behind you :stick::D
  3. Only one way to find out!

    I look forward to the video. :D
  4. Good old CT...

  5. Blame her ex. He dunnit, not her. :nono:

    Still trying to find (locally) a worthwhile Capri nose, hood, trim, and rear bumper to put on there. There WAS one at the local yard, but it was kinda buggered up, as was the hood.
  6. well i was just givin ya ****. i looked at your progress thread,if you let me know what years of capri's will work i'll pick the stuff up in the bone yard if they have it? if i get ya some stuff just pay me what i did and shipping.Or i might trade you the saleen front bumper on there now? We could talk more about that latter tho. I'm laid off and have about 10 bone yards within 15miles of me so what else do i have to do! P.M or replie here or email me at [email protected] peace

  7. I might as well make a post in here to with the rest of CT. Um, don't have anything to say...:shrug:
  8. UMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM Connecticut isnt that big is it? Looks like all but 1 person that lives in that state is on here!Stang heaven everyone in the state except 1 drives a stang!:jaw: but atleast that 1 person is a ricer not a mullet wearing cheby driver :nice: peace

  9. "'99 Hayabusa: Black. 240rwhp/140rwtq. All motor, dot tire, no wheelie bar. 8.97 @ 159 so far. A lot left in it." i seen this in your sig and was like WTF! Thought you were talkin about the satng tryin to be funny with the power #'s? then looked and see it was a bike :nono: is that 1/4 mile or 1/8th mile? peace

  10. ya, looks like the whole state of CT is on here... Bentley- what area are you from?

    Hey Evan... you are west of hartford, right?
  11. I am down the hill from you in Windham/Willimantic.
  12. I like that color!!! Clean, laid back fox you got there, I like it!
  13. That's 1/4 mile at a not so great track with a not so great 60' my first time on the bike. It should go 8.60s this year.

    Most of us are friends too haha. We've taken over SN.
  14. Yep stangnet is ours!!
  15. Hey Evan... you are west of hartford, right?[/QUOTE]

    I`m down in Norwalk Marc......but I am sure we will bump into each other this summer. Will you be going to the EFI dyno day?
  16. I`m down in Norwalk Marc......but I am sure we will bump into each other this summer. Will you be going to the EFI dyno day?[/QUOTE]

    Yes, I will be at dyno day! Just pulled my clutch out this morning. Last time i was on chris's dynopaks the clutch was smoking at 650rwtq. Hopefully i can fix this problem. You said you have a SPEC 3+ right? You like it? how is it at low speed driving, in a parking lot, pulling into the garage? loading on a trailer? any chatter?
  17. Here's mine with American Racing Rebels (245/45/17 Front 275/40/17 Rear) Yes i know my center caps are missing on the front, the dust cap is preventing me from putting them on.:mad:

    Here she is.A lil dirty but you get the idea.