Plasti Dip

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  1. Fun facts:

    If you have 3+ coats, it's possible to lightly sand imperfections out. (did it on my scoop)

    Don't let wax touch it. (accidently hit my emblems)





  2. What happens when wax hit it?
  3. 102211092218.jpg
    Still holding strong even after letting Mark (winters97gt) drive the car 154 mph haha
  4. Looks really Nice. ^^^^
  5. I can't get it out. lol. It's a dirty white/brown look on the sides that hit. I can just peel it and do it over.. but I'm too lazy. :shrug:

    Also, looking good d98gt. :nice:
  6. I appreciate it guys.

    I am interested to see how that clear works out for you. It does appear good in the pictures, which clear did you use Nightfire?
  7. :lurk:

    i can tell this is becoming the next seafoam thread :p
  8. I miss the seafoam thread :( I wonder if I can seafoam a coyote after some miles haha
  9. I got some new wheels today. They are polished right now, but I'm really thinking about Plasti Dipping them.

    It's raining really bad here right now, but as soon as I can wash the car and get them nice and polished up, I will post pics.
  10. If they look good polished then roll with them that way. The only reason I went the plastidip route was because of the plain-jane look of my car prior to doing it. I used the plastidip to give me an idea of what black rims would look like on the car as I might purchase some black saleens for it
  11. I used a little can of the Dupli Color clear. Im still debating on whether I want to use it on the wheels, I really like how penguins wheels came out.
  12. I haven't really thought about getting black rims, but since this thread, I figured what the hell. I wasn't sure I'd like it, but I'm digging it so far.

    Dooo it Nightfire, at least it's not permanent. :shrug:

    I have gotten nothing but compliments since I did it.
  13. I'm putting the last coat of plasti dip on my last wheel then gotta buy a new thin walled socket and I'll have my wheels on and get pics up
  14. pics right meow!
  15. Hi, this is my truck and I'm addicted to Plasti-Dip. Just thought I would show my recent work. Started with the nerf bars, much better then chrome for my truck. Then instead of changing out my wheels like I do every year, I gave them a coat of the dip. Come spring I'll peel it off and get back to chrome.


    Here's a comparison.

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  16. Looks way better in black.
  17. Holy offset cluster**** batman...
  18. :lol:
  19. I did my wheels, inner to give the wheel more pop.


    Then I did my roof, always wanted to know how it would look black but holy ****. It was so hard to keep it even, that after 4 coats I gave up. It looks bad *** in my mind but let me know what you think. Really thinking about getting my roof sprayed black.



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  20. This stuff is nectar to rednecks LOL
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