Plasti Dip

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  1. I'm going to find something to mask the wheel so it doesn't get behind the spokes. It seems like it would take so much longer to peel off the whole inside of the wheel.
  2. Just some food for thought.....

    I've read about some guys using a little bit of gasoline to remove it from the more difficult areas. Just a trickle of gas and the plasti dip melts off like candle wax.
  3. If everything goes according to plan, I will be picking up some new wheels next week. They might be expensive as hell, but they are getting plasti dipped.
  4. I'm on vacation all week so sometime soon I will do my wheels. I'm curious of you can shoot some clear coat on top of it to make it glossy?? I have yet to see anyone do that. Wonder of would still come off as easy as the videos show...
  5. Picked up a can earlier today. The guy at Home Depot knew exactly what I was referring to when I asked him where the plast dip was. He said that they've been flying off the shelves lately.

    Anyway, I've been playing around with the first can on some scrap metal that I've got to get my technique down. So far it looks great.
  6. Makes those wheels look tiny!
  7. Wheels look good but damn do you need a drop!
  8. Looks good man!

    I tried doing a few more things on mine, I sprayed the side markers because they really stood out to me and they came out ok but I think I will peal them and try again. I sprayed my grill pony but didnt care for it so pealed it (pretty much came off in one piece).
  9. Yea I know I need a drop. But I don't really want my car to scrape. What would be a good drop with it being to low ?
  10. ^^ without*
  11. Played around with it today and also played with some clear.

    Plasti dip only = left
    Plasti dip and 1 light coat of clear = right


    Center cap dipped with 1 light coat of clear

    Center cap after plasti dip/clear removal

    I'll use a better camera when I do the wheels.
  12. How does the plastidip with clear peel off? Just wondering if that changes how easily it comes off.
  13. Not a bit of difference. It peeled off in 2 whole pieces.

    One thing that I have noticed after playing around with it for a while,it peels off MUCH easier the thicker you apply it. I experimented with 2 very light coats of PD (allowing 30 minutes after each coat) and it was harder to peel off. It would only come off in small dime-size pieces. I then sprayed 4 semi-heavy coats and it would peel off in big easy chunks. Also, the more coats you apply, the better it hides the blemishes on the surface itself (my center cap had quite a few imperfections).
  14. crzyhrse, we still need to see some pics with 'em on the car. They look good.

    Well.. I got my rims done. Used d98gt's card trick. :nice: I started around 1pm and finished around 6pm (after dark). Only because I decided to replace the rear wheel stud that was stripped about 2 years ago from some small town tire shop.

    The driver side looked ok, but not too sure what the passenger side will look like.

    I'll post the pictures up later tonight.
  15. Here we go.. I like it now, but will see tomorrow. I'm not putting the center caps back on.




  16. Thanks, yours look sweet.

    No clear. In the first two pictures, they're still wet. The second two are the flash.
  17. Nice! Same wheels as me as well. What process did you use?
  18. Thanks..

    I wouldn't do what I did. lol. I did not wait long enough between coats. When I did the wing, hoodscoop, emblems, and horse, I waited 30 mins. between coats. This time it was maybe 10 mins. between coats. Daylight is my nemesis.

    Anyway, I did the driver side wheels first. I cleaned the wheels. Used the deck of cards. Did three coats to the back, flipped 'em, and did 4 coats on the front.

    I waited 30 mins. and mounted them. Again I waited a few hours the last time I did it.

    After mounting, tightening, lowering, and tightening again, I cut a circle in a sheet of newspaper and taped it to the tire. Then I sprayed the lugnuts, studs, and wheel center. :shrug: Next time I remove the wheels will be fun.

    If I were to do it right, I would wait longer in between coats and before final assembly. It comes out looking better in the end.