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  1. Happy early b-day as well. Roomates tend to be **** blocks sometimes, whats a guy to do? Get her in bed with your girl together and teach her whos boss, thats what. Ok everyone, back on topic. Maybe one day I will take the time to get some pics on photobucket to show ya.

    Me and my girl, she has a penis straw, and mine has knockers on it.

    One from a friend's wedding reception rockin the mullet wig.
  2. Me on my trip to Iowa to pick up the Pace Car.

  3. Aaron..your full of chit....your in Michigan inside someone's basement training to become part of the crazy azz mofo.......hurry up and get back over........and bring Doug Caldwell back too.......
  4. me and the fiance the night i got my ring from The Citadel (military college)

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  5. **** that ****, I'd rather fight her than have her in bed. I've got one wonderful girl who gives me all I need, I don't want some clown in the bed too...not to mention, these dorm beds are barely big enough for one person, nevermind 3.
  6. dunno how i've missed this thread.

    After winning a squadron Guitar Hero Tournament...

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  7. haha sweet, squadron level is pretty impressive! i've thought about contracting in the AF myself.. we'll see!
  8. hahaha! :rlaugh: This is just a hilarious "first" picture to have...

    what were you driving in this picture anyway? Was this a new F-250?
  9. Nick (Hogan), is that you? :lol: :rlaugh:
  10. I was a friends 2008 F350 diesel. Awesome truck, and towed the pace car like a champ, like nothing was behind it. Put the pedal donw and fly by traffic. Probably shouldn't have done it while towing the pace car, but it was addicting.


  11. Hahaha I've heard that a few times before! I promise, I'm a MUCH BETTER driver than he is!!! :rlaugh:

    Whoa awesome idea- I should go as him for Halloween :stupid:
  12. Aren't we just a bunch of ugly fools.


    This is me being disgusted at Stprorolla49 for posting that pic of the compelling heap of canned-barf Natural Light

  13. HAHA thats hilarious! Its cheap and we needed a lot...what can I say. To be honest, I don't even remember posting that pic, thats how long ago this thread was still alive.:rlaugh:
  14. [​IMG]

    and during the day LOL

  15. wow, this thread got started before I was even a lurker!

    Here's some more recent pics... first off, me, the wife-to-be and the 'stang


    Secondly, my gay model pose


    And best of all, pics of my girl :)
    and yes, she's legal haha (23)

    (before you ask, this is not my bed-spread)

    I have sexier pics of her, but she'd probably kill me if they ended-up here :nono: