Post your exhaust sound clips and list the combo

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  1. Not too many S197s are running spintechs; nonetheless, I like the sound of your car.
  2. Dear Emay,

    We Hate You.


    Your Tires

    Lol here's my exhaust setup not a good video but you can hear the startup well.

    1 set of Borla Axlebacks + JLT II Intake.

    Sound at beginning and end of video.

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  3. I'm still trying to decide if I want to put cats back on my car when I get my Kooks or American Racing longtubes. My current set-up is Magnaflow Magnapacks with a Pypes O/R X Pipe so it's pretty loud. This car sounds pretty good from what I can tell in the video ...

    YouTube - 2005 Mustang GT Kooks LT, Magnapacks Acceleration Exhaust
  4. 09 GT
    stock manifolds
    BBK OR-X
    Flowmaster axle back
    Mutha Thumper cams :D

    new clip with DMH Cutouts coming soon

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  5. Stainless Works 1 5/8" LTs
    Stainless Works O/R X
    MAC mufflers

  6. How have I not seen that before? epic. just epic. :eek: :drool:
  7. I just got my new FRPP M-5230-5GT exhausts and the FRPP X-Pipe fitted. Here is a quick comparison between the stock and the new setup.

    YouTube - 2008 Mustang GT Exhaust Comp Stock to FRPP M-5230-5GT

    There is a little drone around 1800 - 2000 RPM but nothing to worry about.

    As always, wind noise and cheap camera microphones don't do justice.
  8. Here are my exhaust sound clips. I was not happy when I went to the O/R H-pipe (way to raspy!!). Once I installed the resonators, the sound became much better. I have had lots of compliments, "that's what a Mustang should sound like".:nice:

    Stock Manifolds, Pypes O/R H-pipe, Pypes M-80 Resonators, and Flowmaster American Thunder Axle Backs.

    YouTube - 2005 Mustang GT

    YouTube - 2005 Mustang GT
  9. Resonators/glasspacks help a lot in improving the sound.
  10. stock exhaust manifolds, stock H pipe. Nxt Step Performance 'stingers' T-304 stainless steel. Not my car, but it's the same set up and same sound. My axle backs are now 6 months old and sound even better than these do.

    YouTube - Nxt Step Performance 2005 - 09 Mustang exhaust
  11. Bassani Axle Back
    Air intake
    Stock manifolds/mid pipe... clip coming soon as I get a camera.