Post your exhaust sound clips and list the combo

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  1. Well done sir on the video narration. That definitely helps! Now for a 302 and some long tubes...
  2. 08 GT with stock 4.6.
    *Hooker Super Competition Ceramic Coated FULL length headers
    *Hooker Stainless X pipe NO cats
    *Flowmaster axle back 40 Series mufflers
    I know that I dont have a sound clip bit I wanted people to know that its not that hard to put FULL length headers on these cars. It was my first ever header install and was able to to it with some help in half a day with just jack stands. A lift would have been awesome though!

    The harder things that you have to do are:
    -Remove engine mounts and lift motor 2-3 inches(be careful!)
    -remove A/c pullys
    -I had to put a small dent:( in the #3 or 4(cant remember) tube on the drivers side to make it clear the steering shaft. Nothing big, no performance was lost I dont think.
    -Have patience, and if you remove the CAT's you must tune the car to turn off the o2 sensors or it will run like crap.
    I havent had a professional tune with this yet. I did it along with Steeda Underdrive Pullys and CAI, with the SCT tuner. I notices a ton of throttle response and low RPM power since the change. It sounds like a bat outta Hell too. I will work on a sound clip when I get home from this 'summer trip' i am on in a few months.
    *** One thing to note. After a few months of driving in southern california where salt is in the air I notices surface rust at teh bottom of the primaries and collectors on the Ceramic Coating. This bothers me alot and I will get pictures in a few months and consult Hooker about this. They have the best reputation out there so Im sure it is a fluke. I just dont want to remove them to send them back!!!!

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  3. I had Mac Boomtubes without any other mods and they sounded great but droned in 5th gear at 60mph.

    Went to Mac long-tube headers with Mac off-road ProChamber, sounded nasty but was extremely loud and drone was unbearable at 5th gear and 60mph.

    My current set up is Mac long-tube headers with Mac off-road ProChamber, and Bassani Race axle-backs and I love it. Quiet when I want it to be and loud and throaty when I want it to be.

    No other breathing mods with any of these clips.
  4. Stock car except for Mac longtubes, Mac Prochamber, Bassani Race mufflers, and 4.10 gears

  5. BBK Shorty's/X pipe and Bassani Street series Mufflers
    **More mods in Video
  6. Additional videos: